Chelsea Handler Moves To New Studio Tonight With Help From Jennifer Aniston

Chelsea Handler is getting a new studio.

The Chelsea Lately host will be joined by Jennifer Aniston during her first broadcast from Stage 1 at Universal Studios tonight, and Handler is already promising some big things for the show.

Handler wrote on Twitter:

“Game on. Jen aniston is my first guest on my new stage tonight and our show open involves a shower and nudity. Not in that order.”

The New York Daily News reports that Handler’s old set had room for about 75 guests. Her new studio can accommodate up to 200 people.

In addition to more space, Handler also got her own shower.

Handler said:

“I’m most excited about having a shower in my office, so that I no longer have to shower downstairs and then walk by the audience lineup in a robe. Yeah, I’m not joking, that’s what happened. The audience would be lined up outside, and I would go downstairs to this industrial-like shower, put my hair up in a, like, a towel ponytail and a robe, and then walk out past them — while people would ask me to sign books. So we’re going to be avoiding that.”

Stage 1 at Universal Studios has been home to the Jack Benny Show and the short-lived Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.

Aniston will be joining Handler in the new studio for her first interview since she got engaged to Justin Theroux. Handler said that they’ll probably talk about the engagement, but she doesn’t want the interview to focus too much on Aniston’s ring.

Handler said:

“We don’t want to be gross. This isn’t an ad for Zales – which I’m sure is where Justin bought it.”

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