UFO Hunters: NASA Is Aware Of Entrance To Underground Alien UFO Base Inside Bancroft Crater On The Moon But Pretends Not To Notice It [Photo]

A UFO hunter claims to have discovered an artificial structure on the Moon believed to be a major entrance to an underground alien UFO base. The entrance, spotted inside the Bancroft crater on Google Maps, is big enough to allow large alien UFO spacecraft to enter and exit an underground facility.

NASA is aware of the presence of this UFO base entrance structure and hundreds of similar artificial structures on the Moon and Mars but the agency pretends not to notice them, UFO conspiracy theorists claim. But undeniable evidence of artificial structures on the Moon, according to UFO hunters, proves the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence in our solar system.

UFO hunter Scott C. Waring announced the discovery in an October 26 post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

According to the UFO hunter, anyone can view the massive entrance to an underground alien UFO base at Google coordinates 27°54’52.71″ N 6°23’23.82″ W inside the Bancroft crater, a shallow impact crater located southwest of the larger Archimedes crater in the Mare Imbrium region.

“I found this entrance to an underground alien base inside of Bancroft crater.”

Waring reports that he used Google ruler to take the dimensions of the structure and found that it was about 70 meters by 50 meters. But the outer edges, which look like a platform surrounding the doorway, were about 114 meters by 114 meters.

The straight sides of the rectangular doorway that meet at right angles (90 degrees) prove that the structure is artificial, according to alien hunters.

“The opening measures 70 m by 50 m… the outer edges 114 m by 114 m. I used Google ruler to measure this, so it is their statistics.”

The entrance, according to the UFO blogger, is located immediately outside a dark area that could be a shadow cast by the crater. The illumination probably helps alien pilots attempting to land UFO spacecraft at the alleged underground base to navigate safely, according to Waring.

“The base entrance is just outside the shadow of the crater, which means it was placed there deliberately to be in the light and make entering and exiting it with smaller ships much easier,” Waring writes.

The UFO hunter notes that identical doorways or entrances to underground alien UFO facilities, some up to 160 meters across, have been found on Google Mars. The remarkable similarity of the UFO base entrances on Mars to the entrance found on the Moon in the Bancroft crater suggests that aliens that colonized our Moon also established colonies on Mars.

The discovery of identical underground alien UFO base entrance structures on the Moon and Mars by the YouTube UFO hunter Sandra Elena Andrade helped to popularize the belief among members of the UFO community that the alien species that colonized our Moon also established colonies on Mars. Many UFO hunters believe that the species first established presence on Mars before reaching the Moon.

The Inquisitr reported in March 2016 that Andrade claimed to have uncovered identical underground alien UFO base entrance structures on the lunar and Martian surfaces.

“I have no doubt that this is one of the most striking discoveries of recent times… we had found on Mars and the Moon… an intriguing mystery,” Andrade stated solemnly while announcing her amazing discovery on YouTube.

The entrance structure on Mars was spotted at coordinates 45°56’56.49″N 23°32’19.78″E, while the corresponding structure on the lunar surface was spotted at coordinates 26°21’55.79″N 12° 6’54.14″E.

A previous (November 2015) discovery of a location on Mars inscribed with the number “58” offers further proof of a space-faring alien race with a far-flung presence in our solar system, alien hunters argued.

Andrade also discovered a similar inscription (number 58) on the Moon and announced the discovery in a video uploaded to YouTube on December 2015 (see YouTube below).

UFO researchers argued that the numerical inscriptions were created by the aliens who constructed the identical alien base structures on Mars and the Moon. They also argued that the alien race was likely one of several already known to UFO researchers, such as the Grey aliens.

But in the midst of excitement overd the scovery of an alien race that inscribes human-style numerals on the surface of Mars and the Moon, alien hunters conveniently ignored suggestions by skeptics that the numbers were likely labels used by Google technicians constructing 3-dimensional maps of the Moon and Mars from 2-dimensional images.

“Google Earth stitches images together to form the illusion of the Moon being a sphere,” a skeptic explained reasonably. “It is possible that there was an image that was labeled ’58’ and this was not edited out of the end product.”

Andrade’s discovery of identical entrance structures on the Moon and Mars followed excitement among members of the UFO community over discoveries of carefully concealed artificial structures on Mars.

The structures, according to UFO hunters, appeared to have been constructed by aliens wishing to hide their presence on the planet.

The discoveries sparked a brief debate between alien hunters, such as Waring, who felt that evidence suggested the structures had been abandoned by the aliens who built them and other alien hunters, such as Dahboo77, who argued that the structures were still occupied by aliens.

Waring suggested that the abandoned underground structures would prove ideal habitats for the first human Mars settlers.

Proclaiming the discoveries as proof of alien life on Mars, UFO hunters accused NASA of pretending not to notice them. They also attacked skeptics who support NASA’s non-disclosure policy with “facile arguments” to explain away the undeniable evidence of artificial structures on the Moon and Mars.

“No doubt, some of the small minded out there will buy NASA’s lies until the Great Deception,” Dabhboo77 wrote. “But for those out there with an open mind and know we are being lied to, this find speaks volumes!”

[Featured Image by Don Roberts/Shutterstock]