Dina Lohan Wants Lindsay To Get A Protective Order Against Her Father

Dina Lohan is reportedly pressuring her daughter Lindsay to get a protective order against her father, according to the New York Daily News. However, the Mean Girls star doesn’t seem to be taking her mother’s request very seriously. At least, that’s what Michael Lohan is saying about the subject.

TMZ reports that Dina is extremely interested in getting the guy out of the picture. If the world turned in her favor, then Lindsay’s dad would not be allowed to contact his daughter for a very long time.

“I know about this. It’s not even going to get to a judge,” Lindsay’s father explained. “Lindsay isn’t willing to do it. I just want this to end. Lindsay is my daughter, and I love her to death. And I know she loves me too. This isn’t going to happen.”

Things have been extremely tense between Dina, Michael, and Lindsay as of late. In addition to the revealing interview the actress’ mom did with Dr. Phil, the duo had an infamous blowout in New York City not too long ago. During the showdown between Dina and Lindsay, the actress reportedly called her father and said, “Dad, she’s on cocaine!”

Of course, nobody would have known this had someone not leaked the tape to TMZ. Lindsay, who was previously on her father’s side, explained that Michael’s handing over the recording to the celebrity gossip website was the final straw. Although she may be angry with her father about the incident, she’s apparently not willing to file a protective order against him.

“Please understand, for the sake of my children, my mother and the rest of my family, I never wanted (to) say anything about Dina, but I cannot let her lie and cause the collateral damage she does on my children,” Michael explained to the New York Daily News on Monday.

Do you think that Lindsay should take Dina Lohan’s advice and kick her father out of her life for good?