Park Bo-gum Says Romancing Kim Yoon-jung Was Fun, Admits He Has Done Something Rebellious

Much like the South Korean heartthrob Song Joong-ki, Park Bo-gum too has begun to turn everybody's heads. The awesome twosome have a lot in common than you think. Both Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-gum are good-natured, super talented, and have stayed out of bad press.

Coincidentally, both actors are represented by Blossom Entertainment, an agency which is now renowned for making stars.

While Song Joong-ki stole hearts in the military romance Descendants of the Sun, Park Bo-gum travelled back in time to play an equally adorable character in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.

The historical romance kicked off in August and concluded last week on KBS. After airing just three episodes, the drama surpassed 20 percent viewership mark. Park Bo-gum's portrayal of a playful Joseon era prince, his transformation as a thoughtful ruler, and the magical chemistry between Park Bo-gum and his leading lady played by Kim Yoo-jung, had fans wanting for more. The on-screen chemistry was similar to the one portrayed by Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo in Descendants of the Sun.

Playing a mischievous character was quite a challenge, admits Park Bo-gum. "I thought it was an unexpected character," he said in a interview with Korea Herald.

"You would normally expect a prince to be serious, but he was more than that. Outwardly, he was very fun-loving, but inwardly he had vast ambitions for his country and cared deeply about his people," he said in an interview in Seoul on Wednesday. The actor and his crew from Moonlight Drawn By Clouds had just returned from Cebu, Philippines.

According to Park Bo-gum, practice makes a man perfect. The actor in the interview said that he spent hours practicing in front of a mirror. Frequent interaction with director Kim Sung-yoon also helped bring out the best in him, he said.

"Romancing Kim Yoon-jung was especially fun. The energy and connection between the two were palpable while acting. I felt like we would look into each other's eyes and know what the other was feeling," the actor said. His on-screen love interest Hong Ra-on, who disguises herself as a eunuch and later reunite with the prince, held the audience in sway.

"It got to the point where we would burst out laughing just by looking at each other. But I learned a lot from Kim. She's done lots more period pieces. And she would analyze her scripts really thoroughly and sometimes help me catch on to parts that I missed," he said.

Known for his good boy image, both on and off the set, Park Bo-gum said that it was quite a challenge to play a mischievous character.

"I tried to dig deep into aspects of myself I didn't even know existed to express (Prince Lee Young's) mischievousness," said Park. "People will find that more unexpected, coming from me."

However, as the prince was good-natured just like the real Park Bo-gum, the actor managed to pull it off.

"If it was something I was trying to force, then that would be hard. But I'm just being me. I don't think it's good to interact with people with a certain agenda in mind," said Park Bo-gum.

Park confessed, however, that he had recently "done something rebellious."

Revealing his adventurous streak, he said that he snuck out alone in Philippines, where he had gone out with his cast and crew on vacation.

"When we were on vacation in the Philippines, the travel agency sent us to all these Korean restaurants. I snuck out and went to a local restaurant. I ate my heart out," Park recalled cheerily.

[Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]