‘Teen Mom OG’ Rumors: Reunion Brawl Was Just Promo For Farrah Abraham’s Solo Show?

By now, everyone knows what happened at “The Brawl,” but the latest Teen Mom OG rumors suggest that this grand, oh-so-shocking reunion brawl was little more than promotion for a Farrah Abraham stand-alone show. In other words, what was supposed to be this “epic” reunion was little more than the whole cast promoting Farrah Abraham for free.

And while these rumors put the Teen Mom OG reunion into question, they’re certainly not surprising.

That’s the word according to E! Online, whose latest round of Teen Mom OG rumors were the first to suggest that this was the case. But think about it, with all the talk about Farrah Abraham, the reunion show would have been the perfect opportunity to shut her down once and for all. And while things got physical and the whole cast walked off in “protest” of Farrah, doesn’t that all sound like either they’re leaving the show if she stays, or she’s getting a whole different show?

Amber Portwood added fuel to the fire when she told E! to tell their audience to “keep an open mind.”

“I just want everybody to stay open-minded and understand that 90 percent of what youre reading isn’t true in that you should kind of use your brain in what you think actually happened. I just don’t know really what to say because I’m not really allowed to say things contractually about what happened on the show.”

The latest "Teen Mom OG" rumors suggest that the cast was all trying to promote Farrah Abraham's new show. [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

Another thing that lends credence to this latest round of Teen Mom OG rumors is the fact that Farrah Abraham has threatened to take her daughter off the show. But according to Radar Online, not only is that something Farrah would never do, but that’s something that she would only do if she had another show to promote for themselves, instead.

After all, Farrah knows that the whole point of Teen Mom OG is to show the life of a teenage mother and without the kid on the show, what’s the point of it all?

Radar also pointed out that Farrah was concerned for her daughter’s “safety,” but even that doesn’t make sense because Sophia wasn’t attacked by Amber, Farrah was. And knowing how many viewers tune into the show to watch Farrah Abraham’s daughter, and knowing that the ratings for her will fall if Sophia is off the show, does that sound like something Farrah would do unless she had another show waiting in the wings?

So it rings a little hollow when Farrah says:

“Due to the three stooges, I now will not have my child around an unsafe environment. Production is just as much to blame as the girls.”

Farrah Abraham Sophia Teen Mom OG Rumors
Will the latest "Teen Mom OG" rumors about Farrah Abraham turn out to be true? [Image by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Farrah Abraham’s father from talking to the press to plant his own round of Teen Mom OG rumors.

Recognizing the drama when he sees it and no doubt seeing another opportunity to “cash in” on the success of the show, Farrah’s father told Radar Online, in a different report, that Maci Bookout threatened to kill Farrah, and he was concerned for her safety. Again, all this talk about “safety,” but no one calls the police or gets law enforcement involved. Instead, it’s all about “Farrah and the show.” Notice a pattern, yet?

Said Papa Abraham:

“I heard Maci tried to come out and she threatened to kill my daughter. That is wrong. Last reunion, I went to her fiancé and said I was happy for their first child. I was looking forward to congratulating her on her marriage.”

Do you think that this latest round of Teen Mom OG rumors are really just promotions for Farrah Abraham’s new show? Leave your thoughts about the latest Teen Mom OG rumors in the comments below.

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