Skateboarders ‘Bake And Destroy’ Riot In Hollywood [Video]

The violent incident is being called “The Hollywood Skateboard Riot of 2012” by some news media outlets.

About 100 riot police were called out Saturday night in Hollywood, California to disperse an estimated 1,000 unruly skateboarders who reportedly vandalized businesses and cars and threw bottles at officers.

The skateboarder riot in Hollywood apparently got its start when about 1,500 skateboard enthusiasts showed up for free 9 pm premiere of the film Bake and Destroy at the Vine Theater. Unfortunately, the theater had a 600-person capacity

According to NBC 4 Los Angeles, “Those reportedly turned away reacted in violence, police said.”

It took responding officers about three hours to gain control of the disturbance in the Hollywood Boulevard area. Reportedly there were no injuries, and the complete number of persons arrested has not been announced. So far, there as only been one confirmed arrest as a result of the melee.

According to Hollywood Patch, “Hollywood Boulevard was shut down between Ivar Avenue and Vine Street by the LAPD, which issued a tactical alert, and dozens of officers responded from divisions all around the city, as did an LAPD helicopter.”

LAPD detective Gus Villanueva told Deadline Hollywood that “as more officers were arriving, the officers already on the scene were pelted with rocks and bottles. I don’t know how many people were throwing those objects but more additional officers from other parts of the city were requested.”

Watch a report from NBC 4 about the mob of skateboarders running amok in Hollywood:

Raw video of the skateboarder riot in Hollywood on the night of the debut of Bake and Destroy: