Kim Kardashian Beaten In Selfie War By Donnie Wahlberg

Kim Kardashian beaten in a selfie war might come as a surprise to many who believe no one can topple her when it comes to life in the limelight. The record of most selfies in three minutes according to the Guinness Book of Record now belongs to none other than Blue Bloods series star Donnie Wahlberg.

Boston Globe reports that Wahlberg shattered the world record of 119 selfies by taking 122 selfies in 180 seconds, while aboard the NKOT cruise. In a bid to shutter any skepticism or concerns that might have followed the milestone achievement the reality star made sure he took the selfies in front of a Guinness book record representative.

This is not the first time that Wahlberg has tried to beat Kim Kardashian in a selfie war. According to the Huffington Post, the reality star tried to beat the record set by a Singaporean company Aruba last year but fell short on his evidence being questioned. The new record should now hold water until another person takes a shot at it.

While Wahlberg is the new king of selfies, the record of the number of selfies in three minutes could have been higher, had all people tried to take a shot at the world record. The ship at the time was carrying about 3,000.

Taking an average of one selfie every 1.5 seconds, all but ensured Kim Kardashian was squarely beaten in the selfie war, awaiting a response from the KUWTK star.

“How does one break the @GWR for #selfies? By doing it with the best fans on earth aboard #nktobcruise2016,” Wahlberg tweeted on Tuesday.

Three minutes elapsing for the world record did not stop people from taking selfies as the boy bander counted an addition 1,600 selfies according to ET Online. Wahlberg celebrated the milestone achievement with his wife of two years, Jenny McCarthy, who was also on board as part of the cruise.

The icing on the cake on Kim Kardashian being beaten in selfie war would have been Wahlberg posing with a Guinness Certificate in a selfie rather than in a full photo with an agency representative.

Kim Kardashian Beaten in a selfie war means it is game on for most fans who expect the Keeping up With the Kardashian reality star not to go down quietly having crowned herself the selfie queen. However, that could take much longer given that the mother of two has taken a hiatus from public life as she continues to recover from the Paris Robbery incidence.

Kim is reportedly considering taking a break out of the limelight, her husband having told her she continues to place the family in danger by living a flashy life in front of cameras. Inquisitrreports that Kanye is of the opinion that his wife should quit the Keeping up with the Kardashian show altogether as a way of dimming the spotlight on the family.

The tussle for the most selfies ever taken first erupted last year when Kardashian West claimed she had taken over 6,000 selfies over a four-day cruise trip to Mexico. While the number sounded extremely high, the Guinness Book of Record did not take any interest in it given there was no one to verify it. It is also unclear the number of selfies that the reality star could have taken in just under three minutes to rival the “Remix” singer and the Aruba company.

Kim Kardashian beaten in a selfie war is done and dusted given that Wahlberg now holds the certificate for most selfies in under 180 seconds. For Kim to take up the mantle and gain the much-needed recognition she yearns for on the global scene, she may have to up her game and have her shot at the world record captured on tape.

[Featured Image by Chris Pizzello/AP Images]