Is Selena Gomez Ready For A Justin Bieber Reunion? He May Be Paying For Her Stint In Rehab

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber romance rumors are swirling as the 24-year-old singer tends to her emotional struggles, including issues with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, in rehab.

As Selena Gomez continues to seek treatment, a new report has surfaced which claims her ex-boyfriend, who is currently in the midst of his Purpose World Tour in Europe, is actually paying for Gomez’s rehab stay.

According to the report, Justin Bieber’s alleged decision to pay for Selena Gomez’s treatment was made because he wants to keep her a firm part of his life, despite their recent social media spat. In addition, the report has revealed, Justin Bieber is said to be concerned about Selena Gomez and doing what he can to stay involved in her life.

“He’s been sending her hundreds of thousands to pay for everything from private jet bills to the recent stay in rehab,” a source told Now magazine, according to a report by Look UK on October 26. “This is his way of staying in her life, as well as making himself feel less guilty for screwing her over.”

Selena Gomez announced she would be taking some time off from her hectic schedule on August 30.

“As many of you know, around a year ago I revealed that I have lupus, an illness that can affect people in different ways,” she told People Magazine in a statement. “I’ve discovered that anxiety, panic attacks and depression can be side effects of lupus, which can present their own challenges.”

Selena Gomez’s announcement came weeks after the singer performed what has become her final Revival World Tour performance in Auckland, New Zealand, and weeks after her Instagram feud with Justin Bieber.

“I want to be proactive and focus on maintaining my health and happiness and have decided that the best way forward is to take some time off. Thank you to all my fans for your support. You know how special you are to me, but I need to face this head on to ensure I am doing everything possible to be my best. I know I am not alone by sharing this, I hope others will be encouraged to address their own issues,” she continued.

Weeks later, Us Weekly magazine confirmed the singer had checked herself into a treatment center outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Just this week, In Touch Weekly magazine revealed that Justin Bieber had been praying for Selena Gomez as she continues her treatment in rehab. However, just months ago, the 22-year-old singer appeared to be completely over Selena Gomez and moving on with Sofia Richie.

In August, Bieber struck up a romance with Richie after spending time with Kourtney Kardashian the previous month. After enjoying some time together in Laguna Beach, California, Bieber and Richie traveled together to Japan where they were spotted around town and shared a number of photos of one another on social media.

While things seemed to be going well between the alleged couple, Bieber’s fans were not happy about the relationship and quickly targeted Richie online. In response, Bieber sent out a threat to fans saying that he would make his account private if they were going to continue to be mean.

At that point, Selena Gomez stepped in and reminded Bieber that his fans loved him and have been there for him since the start of his career. She also suggested he stop posting photos of himself and Richie.

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