‘Pokémon Sun’ and ‘Moon’: Mysterious Man, Ghosts, And Hidden Events

Started playing the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo? Then have you found the mysterious man, a ghost cameo, and these various hidden events yet?

We’re just a few days from the launch of Pokémon Sun and Moon but to keep our hunger and excitement at bay, Pokémon Sun and Moon devs decided to release a Pokémon Sun and Moon special demo version last October 18. If you’ve yet to pick up the special demo, or have started playing it but are lost as to what special gems you can uncover in within, then you have come to the right place.

The Pokémon Sun and Moon demo is filled with exciting hidden events that will reward you with fun and items. It’s also nice to note that the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo, unlike other demos, will let you carry over some of the Pokémon you’ve met and the items you’ve uncovered to the full game at launch. Pretty neat, right?

Tech Micalready previously revealed the whole Pokédex of Pokémon Sun and Moon and the final evolutions of the three starter Pokémon named Litten, a feline fire-type Pokémon, Popplio, a beautiful water-type Pokémon, and Rowlet, a rather goofy grass-type owl.

But before we get ahead of ourselves and obsess over the full version of Pokémon Sun and Moon, have you really made the most out of the free downloadable Pokémon Sun and Moon demo?

So a lot of the hidden events in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo are time-based events, which mean that you will have to play the demo for a consecutive number of days to unlock the reward. All the events start from when you actually boot up the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo so if you’re a little behind schedule, don’t worry, you still have some time.

Make sure to try to talk everyone on the very first day you opened the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo because you will then know how many days before you can come back to them to reap your rewards or witness an event.

Tech Mic notes that one of the very first events is one day after you boot up the demo. If you’ve installed and opened the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo today, talk to the man in front of the Pokémon Center. Return to him tomorrow and he’ll give you 10 “pretty wings” that you can sell for some extra cash.

You can then head over to the girl wearing a hat, west of Hau’oli City Hall, and she’ll hint at an important meeting happening in five days. You can come back in five days for an event but no specific rewards.

Talk to the man with a Pikachu in City Hall and he’ll let you know that his Pikachu’s birthday will be in 12 days. If you come back after 12 days, he will give you a Balm Mushroom which gives a nice pay day.

Another event happens 18 days after you talk to the police officer at the Marina. The shady deal will only happen at night so if you want to witness the event, make sure you’re there at night.

Testing your patience just a bit more, you can talk to a girl inside the Ferry Terminal, who asks that you see her when she sails off in 24 days. If you do come back for her, she will give you a Comet Shard which also sells for a high price.

This particular girl, however, is a bit controversial at the moment, with other people pointing to her as the return of the ghost girl. Look closely at the video below of the ferry girl event.

After she hands you the Comet Shard, she proceeds to board the ferry. However, as the camera closes up on her, a Machamp passes by and poof! She’s gone! It’s either this is a creepy ghost cameo that the devs put in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo or it’s just a tiny bug that they didn’t catch.

If you’re wondering what’s the complete list of items you can rack up and bring to the full version of Pokémon Sun and Moon,DaRk_ViVi on Redditlists some more items apart from those listed above, which you can bring over to the full version:

  • Ash-Greninja for completing the main story in the demo
  • A Star Piece for challenging all of the trainers on Ten Carat Hill
  • A Nugget for catching three Pokémon in the Pokémon Catching Challenge on Ten Carat Hill
  • Three Stardusts for talking to the woman in the eastern part of the city and then clearing out the rocks in the way with Tauros

Another interesting character at the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo is the mysterious man, who calls himself a mysterious old man. You can meet him at the end of the Mahalo Trail hiding behind a sketchy pillar with a face.

What’s more mysterious and mind-boggling about this mysterious man in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo is that he keeps on insisting there is nothing more to him, although he does pack a variety of dialogues.

As of now, Kotaku reports that no one has yet to uncover if the mysterious old man does have any significance at the end of the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo but with all this fuss about him, there are only three possibilities we can think of. One, that he finally gives in to your persistence in the last day before the official full version of Pokémon Sun and Moon launches. Two, that he makes a comeback in the full version of Pokémon Sun and Moon and actually gives you something worthwhile. Or three, he is just a nice troll the devs have put in the game.

The full version of Pokémon Sun and Moon releases November 18, 2016, for the Nintendo 3DS. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the future cross-connection of Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokémon GO.

[Featured Image via Nintendo]