Glued Underwear And Iconic Hats Rule Lady Gaga’s Outfit Choices For SNL

Lady Gaga’s huge comeback on Saturday Night Live last weekend was phenomenal thanks to the underwear glued to her underparts and her newfound hat best friend.

It’s been a while since we saw Lady Gaga really rock the stage with her crazy talent and even crazier outfit choices, but it’s also been quite a while, too, since Lady Gaga decided to pull back a bit on her outfit choices so that her fans could focus more on her music. We’ve seen the older Lady Gaga don the wildest costumes in her previous songs and performances. That’s why last weekend’s tame but still pretty limelight-hugging fashion ensemble did not come as a surprise.

For her “A-YO” rendition, Lady Gaga brought to the stage a shimmering cowboy look, composed of a metallic cropped top with matching fringe shorts, custom created by L.A.-based designer Michael Schmidt. Hollywood Reporter reports that Michael Schmidt has also been behind some of Lady Gaga’s previous iconic pieces such as the crystal-studded wheelchair Lady Gaga used in her official “Paparazzi” music video, the almost transparent plastic bubble ensemble in Gaga’s “Rolling Stone” cover, and the beautiful crystal-embellished gloves she wore on her appearance for American Horror Story: Hotel.

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Going with her metallic over-the-top ensemble is a pair of YSL boots, custom-made by A-Morir’s Kerin Rose Gold. Would you believe that she was able to turn a pair of lonely black boots to Lady Gaga’s magical boots with a handful of pink rhinestones and glitter?

Onto Lady Gaga’s performance of “Million Reasons,” she wore a much more classy outfit care of her best designer pal, Brandon Maxwell. Lady Gaga wore her bespoke nude bodysuit fitted with a long cape as well as she wore all her other Maxwell outfits, which has become one of her favorite and signature looks during red carpet and awards night ceremonies.

Talking to Vanity Fair, Maxwell shares that dressing Lady Gaga is a dream come true.

“My goal was always to dress women who were strong and powerful and really stand for something and [Lady Gaga] embodies that.”

To end the night, Lady Gaga pushed herself a little more and confidently showcased a Marc Jacobs ensemble straight from the designer’s Spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection for the New York Fashion Week. The fuzzy purple sleeves, satin booty shorts, and colorful sky-high platforms were perfect to end Lady Gaga’s performance on a very high note.

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Apart from Lady Gaga’s inspired outfits throughout the night, she donned the iconic hats she started wearing for her album, Joanne. While we all thought Lady Gaga’s new hats were inspired by Nashville’s music scene, Gladys Tamez tells The Daily Beast that Lady Gaga’s newly iconic pink hat is actually a custom version of her “Marianne” hat. Gladys Tamez Millinery’s “Marianne” hat is inspired by English singer, songwriter, and actress Marianne Faithful, straight from the designer’s Fall 2013 “Fashion Icons” capsule collection.

Tamez has been designing hats for Lady Gaga for two years now and she shares:

“Gaga was the first to ever request this hat in pink because it’s her favorite color. For Gaga I tweak the shapes, the colors, and the ribbons.”

Now, a lot of people are coming to Gladys Tamez Millinery to get one of her variations of Lady Gaga’s pink hat, which is now called “Lady Joanne.”

Ever since Lady Gaga started promoting her album, Tamez says that she has already custom-made over 30 different styles of the “Marianne” for Gaga. Apparently, the album was quite literally born out of one of the Millinery’s hats. Tamez reveals that Lady Gaga started working on “Joanne” literally while wearing a “Lady Dandy” hat from her.

“She put the hat on and got in the bathtub and started writing the record. It represents more of who she is inside as opposed to her public persona. The hat is central in a symbolic sense to who this new Lady Gaga is.”

And apart from Lady Gaga’s new hats, her new music, and her new sense of style, there’s one real reason that made Gaga’s performance at the SNL a huge success, and that’s the underwear glued to her lady parts.

Toronto Sun reports that apparently, Lady Gaga’s stylist, the very same Brandon Maxwell that made her bodysuit, glued Gaga’s underwear to her private parts before the performance without notifying her.

Laughing, Lady Gaga reveals to Howard Stern:

“If I could throw my stylist, who I love so much, under the bus, for SNL the other day, he, from time to time, will glue my underwear to my… you know what… without even asking! Brandon, he’s getting me ready, and he never can watch when I go out (to perform) because he’s so afraid something’s going to pop out… He didn’t tell me. He just did it!”

Apparently, Maxwell was concerned that Lady Gaga’s performance might lead to a little wardrobe slip so he made sure by gluing Gaga’s underwear to her underparts. Lady Gaga only found out when she had to go to the restroom and couldn’t take off her undies.

At least Lady Gaga’s privates were safe from on-air mishaps, thanks to that glued underwear.

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