Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Can Still Realistically Lose Presidency: Here’s How

Donald Trump may be floundering in the polls with Republican voters — some anyway — expressing buyers’ remorse.

The Ben Shapiros and Matt Walshes of the world rail on an almost daily basis about how a “constitutional conservative” could have ripped Hillary Clinton to shreds in the debates.

Their line of logic is that the scandal-ridden Trump is not a true conservative and he does not stand for traditionally conservative ideals. It’s a fair point.

After all, Trump has spoken out in favor of abortion and doesn’t seem to have an issue with same-sex marriage although he has paid his share of lip service to the evangelical crowd this election cycle.

The #NeverTrumpers also say that Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, creating negative headlines for himself from his own stupid words and actions.

This is also true as evidenced by the 2005 sexual assault admissions and the onslaught of women accusers, who have turned up in recent weeks.

Ben Shapiro has declared that the election is already over. Matt Walsh has proposed a solution that he had meant to say longshot but one worth pursuing – strategic voting to get Evan McMullin Idaho and Utah and Gary Johnson New Mexico, then voting Trump as a lesser of two evils in the states where he is the only candidate with a shot of beating Clinton.

This line of attack would keep Hillary Clinton from achieving the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency this sending the election to the U.S. House of Representatives, who would then have to pick from the top three candidates.

This would also free vocal Republicans to go against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in favor of someone more sensible like McMullin, or so says Walsh.

The scenario is a long shot, but not outside the realm of possibility. And in an election as crazy as this one has been so far, Walsh says, “anything is possible.”

Theories like the ones that Walsh presents have caused a great deal of in-fighting among Republicans, who say that failure to accept Donald Trump as the standard bearer for the GOP is tantamount to a vote for Hillary Clinton and partial-birth abortion as well as other liberal ideologies that most Republicans believe are destroying the country.

While such an accusation can be considered hyperbole, there is some truth to what Donald Trump supporters are saying about those who continue to oppose him.

Namely, that he remains there’s a best chance to win in November. Even replacing him with a safer candidate at this point would be a losing proposition because said candidate would be unable to debate Hillary Clinton one on one since the trio of debates have already been conducted.

There would be a lot of ground to make up and one look at one of these safer candidates – say, a Mitt Romney type – demonstrates a poor track record of fighting back against standard democratic lines of attack such as race-baiting and a severely left-leaning mainstream media.

Donald Trump is the best chance Republicans have of winning because he does the things a candidate must do to fight fire with fire, so to speak.

When the media attacks, he counterpunches. And the media is undeniably on a witch hunt. Take, for instance, a recent admission by wrestling journalist and former WWE writer Court Bauer — not a Trump supporter — who confessed that the Associated Press had been in frequent contact with him about Donald Trump and his involvement in a previous WrestleMania, wondering if Bauer had any “dirt on the guy.”

Bauer said that he didn’t and that his dealings with tromp were “fairly innocuous.”

Donald Trump is the only candidate who will fight all of his attackers with the same intensity that they use in coming at him. That fighting spirit may not win him the election — after all, he is a candidate with a lot of personal problems — but it gives him a chance that no other candidate on the right can, and sadly for those on the right who do not want to vote for him, that was always going to be the case.

But what do you think, readers?

Should Republicans have scrapped Donald Trump at some point in the process, or was he there only hope for capturing the White House in 2016? If not the only hope, which Republican would you have nominated? Sound off in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by DonkeyHotey/Flickr Creative Commons/Resized and Cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0]