Halloween Comes Early For Hollywood’s Hottest Celebs From Mariah Carey To Kourtney Kardashian

It’s no secret that celebrities love celebrating holidays, and that includes going all out for Halloween. Mariah Carey threw her famous annual Halloween party this past weekend that included a number of celebrities and her adorable twins. Now, it’s Kourtney Kardashian’s turn to take a stab at hosting the best Hollywood Halloween.

The mother-of-three pulled out all the spooks Monday night from decked-out decorations to hot Halloween costumes. Kourt dressed as a sexy evil queen while her daughter, Penelope, went as the Bride of Frankenstein. Pretty sophisticated costume choice for a four-year-old, right?

The 37-year-old Kardashian uploaded plenty of photos to show off just how much fun she had celebrating Halloween a week early.

Kourtney, the gorgeous evil queen, had to pose for a quick selfie amid the Halloween festivities.


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Little Penelope was dressed to impress in her impeccable Bride of Frankenstein costume. Do you think she had any idea of who she was supposed to be? Oh well, she was adorable, and that’s the main part. Besides their amazing Halloween attire, Kourtney also had no limits when it came to decorating her home in honor of the haunting holiday.

Kourtney Kardashian Halloween
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She snapped photos of her delightful party, which included to-die-for deserts and professional decor. Among Kourtney’s ghoulishly good treats were skeleton-shaped Rice Krispies and “witches brew,” a smoking apple juice concoction, according to E! News. You’ve got to hand it to her, she sure knows how to throw a party. Especially one that caters to kids. She’s a hands-on mom who notoriously gets in the holiday spirit along with her little ones.

Kourtney Kardashian halloween
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Among Kourtney’s party guests was celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, who is currently pregnant with her second baby. The gorgeous blonde dressed as a skeleton, which seemed to be the Halloween costume of choice at Kourtney’s bash. Joyce’s son, Zeplin, was also in attendance dressed as the cutest Spiderman ever.

Just our typical Monday night.

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While Kourt definitely knows how to do Halloween, so does celeb mom Mariah Carey. Mariah made headlines this weekend with her star-studded function that included ex-husband Nick Cannon. Their five-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, went as Rapunzel and Mario, respectively. Of course, the diva herself was dressed to kill in a sexy latex devil outfit that displayed her figure, curves and all.

Holiday times ????

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Nick adorably dressed as Luigi in accordance with his son’s Halloween costume in what may be the best-coordinated outfits we see this year. It’s truly great to see Mariah and Nick put aside any differences to come together during Halloween for their kids. But Mariah and Kourtney aren’t the only celebs gearing up for Halloween a little early.

Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s 30-year-old son, used his father as costume inspiration when he dressed as one of Clint’s most iconic characters.

Who cares if Scott celebrated two weeks early, he looked amazing. Former MTV star Lauren Conrad is also getting in on the early Halloween fun with a super adorable post featuring her circus performer outfit. She even graciously included a DIY tutorial on how to create a similar look for your Halloween. Such a sweet lady.

It’s always a blast to find out what your favorite celeb is up to at Halloween, and luckily they’ve been sharing their costumes early this year. Hip-shaking singer Shakira posted a photo dressed as a magician on Tuesday, and it’s as darling as it sounds. Her costume is simple enough to recreate if you’re having trouble deciding on what to be this coming weekend. There’s still time to duplicate Shakira’s look before the big day.


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These celebs pulled off some great Halloween looks, but British journalist Jemima Khan takes the cake with her Donald Tump-inspired outfit. Jemima dressed as Melania Trump last week and completely nailed the look. She definitely gave Kourtney and Mariah a run for their money.

Thanks to some makeup tricks, a great hairstyle, and a “Vote for Trump” sign, she was unmistakably Melania. Oh, and let’s not forget the fake Trump draped over her shoulders with precariously placed hands.

Let’s see if any other celebrities can outdo Mariah Carey and Kourtney Kardashian this year!

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