WWE News: Rusev Mocks Roman Reigns On Twitter

When the WWE removed Roman Reigns from the Universal Championship title scene, there were two reasons for the move. First, fans had rejected Roman Reigns as the major babyface in the WWE main title scene and second, the WWE wanted to rebuild him as a babyface by putting him against one of the most despised heels in the company.

It has partially worked, with Roman Reigns getting fewer boos from the smart crowds while feuding with Rusev and leaving the Universal title scene to Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. However, something strange has happened over the past few weeks. Despite being an evil foreign heel, Rusev has become one of the most entertaining heels in the WWE.

That was proven with his recent promo last week on WWE Monday Night Raw, where Rusev had some brilliant one-liners. It has moved on to social media, where Rusev mocked something Roman Reigns said when he was trying to get over with the fans earlier in the year.

Roman Reigns answered the boos of the crowd by trying to kickstart a slogan for himself. Roman said he wasn’t a good guy and he wasn’t a bad guy. He was “the guy.”

That makes Rusev’s most recent tweet very amusing. Rusev said he isn’t a babyface and he isn’t a heel. He is just a superstar. Taken on its own, the tweet made little sense. Taken into context with Roman Reigns’ words from earlier this year and it is another case where Rusev is just killing it with his character on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The WWE has booked the entire Roman Reigns vs. Rusev feud strangely. The WWE has made Roman Reigns look like the bully in the feud. He attacked Rusev during the wedding celebration and Lana ended up in the cake. He has continued to make insulting comments towards Lana and usually pushes Rusev’s buttons to make him angry.

This is nothing unusual in the world of the WWE. Maybe the WWE writers figured that it worked so well for The Rock to insult people and be more antagonistic than the villains. The difference is that The Rock has enough charisma to pull it off and his cousin Roman Reigns doesn’t quite have as much charisma and just comes off as a jerk.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, WWE superstar Big Show has a strong sense of what should make Roman Reigns a superstar. He feels that he has all the right pieces but society doesn’t like someone who is good looking and athletic getting a break.

While that might be true, there is more to it than that. Fans want to cheer someone based on their character. Roman Reigns was hugely over when he was just someone who came out and kicked people’s butts. The problem is when he started talking and his WWE promos tried to make him seem cool as he insulted his opponents. Roman Reigns has the personality to be a huge heel based on his attitude.


The problem is that the WWE still sees Roman Reigns as a huge babyface in the company. However, when even the evil Rusev starts getting more and more cheers when feuding with him, it might be time to reevaluate the future of Roman Reigns.

[Featured Image by WWE]