June 16, 2017
WWE Rumors: Hall Of Famer Could Permanently Replace Star On Vince McMahon's Flagship Show

The world of professional wrestling is one of opportunity, and when one presents itself, it is in the best interest of a person to take it. Unfortunately for those who are injured or doing other projects, it may mean losing your spot, but that's just how the business works. In the case of David Otunga, he has been off filming a new movie while Booker T has filled in for him as an announcer on Monday Night Raw, and WWE may feel this change needs to be made permanent.

Back in mid-April, Cageside Seats announced that Booker T was going to fill in for David Otunga on the Raw announce team. Otunga had recently been brought over to Monday nights in the Superstar Shake-Up, but he was heading out to film a movie titled Katrina for six weeks.

At the time, the official website of WWE even confirmed that after Otunga was finished filming the movie, he would return to join Michael Cole and Corey Graves on Raw. Again, that was set to be after just six weeks of shooting Katrina, but now, it has been two months since Booker T came in.

Well, it looks as if it is going to be even longer until David Otunga is seen on WWE television again.

wwe rumors booker t replace david otunga monday night raw announce team
[Image by WWE]

As fans can tell, Booker T is still behind the desk for Monday Night Raw and PW Mania is reporting that he will be there for at least the rest of the summer. Even once that point arrives, it is possible that he won't leave his post at that time either.

Otunga appeared on the pre-show for Extreme Rules last month, and that happened due to him having a day off from filming Katrina. It didn't mean he was close to coming back, and that is why he didn't call the pay-per-view that night.

WWE is rumored to have acknowledged that Booker T is better than David Otunga as an announcer on Raw, and they may have to make the final decision soon.

wwe rumors booker t replace david otunga monday night raw announce team
[Image by WWE]

Booker T is a proven asset to WWE as he is entertaining as an announcer, and he adds a great deal to the announce team. David Otunga often received a lot of criticism during his time on the SmackDown Live announce team, and fans weren't too thrilled to see him moved to the company's flagship show either. Monday Night Raw has a team that is working well right now, and it appears as if the temporary replacement could end up being permanent before too long.

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