Birthday Boy Ryan Reynolds Is Guest Of Honor At Blake Lively’s Bash

Ryan Reynolds just celebrated his 40th birthday and Blake Lively took the opportunity to show Ryan just how much he means to her, just shortly after giving Reynolds his second child. While the couple is still guarding their newest child against public interest, Lively and Reynolds were more open about sharing Ryan’s own special day with the couple’s social media followers. The big day was celebrated at a favorite restaurant, and as Blake shared images from the birthday celebration, she revealed that this particular restaurant holds special meaning for Reynolds and herself as a couple.

Blake Lively Helps Ryan Reynolds Usher In Another Birthday

Us Weekly reveals that the O Ya Japanese restaurant in NYC was dressed with balloons and streamers in celebration of Ryan Reynolds’ birthday, as can be seen in the photo shared by Blake Lively. The embrace and smiles shared by Lively and Ryan indicate the couple are as happy as ever, celebrating another milestone in their lives together. Blake shared the image of the Tuesday, October 25, celebration on Instagram.

In her caption, Blake comments on the night when she and Reynolds first fell in love. Ryan has spoken about this night previously, revealing that he and Blake had been on a double date that took an unexpected turn.

“We were buddies then,” Ryan Reynolds said earlier this year. “We went on a double date. She was on a date with another guy, and I was on a date with another girl — and that was, like, the most awkward date for the respective parties because we were just like fireworks coming across.”

One year later, in September 2012, Lively and Reynolds were married in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Their first daughter, James, is now 22 months old, and Blake has since given birth to their second child. Both Blake and Ryan were keeping the gender and name a secret, but it seems Reynolds let the gender slip on Twitter last week.

“The mobile above my daughter’s crib is just a whole bunch of NuvaRings. So she remembers how lucky she is,” tweeted Ryan.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Love Living Far From Hollywood’s Bustle

While Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively carry some considerable box office weight, particularly with Ryan’s recent Deadpool and Blake’s The Shallows, Hollywood has lost its luster for the couple. E! News reveals that the couple is raising their family on the other side of the country in Pound Ridge, New York.

Pound Ridge is a small community, and while Reynolds and Lively are friendly enough with the people of the community, they do remain diligent in keeping their children away from prying eyes. Even when Blake heads into town to do some shopping, she leaves James and her newborn sister at home. Both Blake and Ryan deftly dodge any inquiries into the name and gender of their newest addition, as well.

“Blake looks great these days,” one local resident told E! News. “She hasn’t lost all the baby weight yet, but it doesn’t matter. She looks beautiful.”

Since moving into the area, Lively and Reynolds have developed a fondness for the Inn at Pound Ridge. The couple often brings the children there for lunch and both Ryan and Blake often stop by alone for a quick lunch. Inn patrons respect the couple’s privacy and treat them cordially, while reporting that Ryan and Blake are both “really nice” in their interactions with the other Pound Ridge residents.

Ryan Reynolds is currently working on a sequel to the blockbuster, Deadpool, and that follow up film is expected to hit theaters on March 2, 2018.

Blake Lively’s next film, All I See is You, hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]