Jay Z’s Free Tickets For November 4 Cleveland Concert Coming Friday As ‘Fox News’ Says ‘Good News’ Ohio Black Vote Down, White Vote Up [Video]

There’s a lot going on in the battleground state of Ohio. First up, comes the words of Fox News host Bill Hemmer, who is being taken to task on social media for the words that he spoke to Sean Spicer, the RNC Communications Director. Hemmer called it good news for Spicer that more whites in Ohio were voting than blacks in Ohio.

“I’m looking at early voting. You have good news in Ohio, white share of the vote is up 3 points from four years ago, black share of the vote is down 7.”

Whereas Hemmer may have taken it as a given that more whites likely vote Republican than blacks in Ohio — to call that fact “good news” that the black share of the vote was down in Ohio didn’t sit well with some folks online who are sharing the video a-plenty and making their own comments about Hemmer’s comments.

According to Raw Story, that controversial segment of Fox News aired on Tuesday, October 25. With national polls showing that Donald Trump has dipped lower than Hillary Clinton’s lead, Hemmer apparently found it a good thing that fewer blacks were turning out to polls than whites in Ohio — a good thing for the Republican.

Spicer replied to Hemmer’s notes about the racial demographics by noting that their “people” were coming out to the polls — but it’s not clear if the people to whom Hemmer referred were GOP members — or whites. Either way, the absentee ballots being cast by whites in greater numbers than blacks were noted as an advantageous fact for Republicans by Spicer.

“Our people are coming out.”

It’s not a secret that Democrats are courting black votes with “souls to the polls” events in North Carolina, as reported by CBS News. According to the publication, blacks tend to cast votes early.

Racial issues like the above are probably why Jay Z has announced that he will headline a free concert in Cleveland. Jay Z’s free concert will take place mere days before the election — on Friday, November 4. The point of the concert is to inspire people to come out and vote for Clinton.

Jay z cleveland
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As reported by CBS News, not a lot of information has been released yet about Jay Z’s free concert in Cleveland on November 4, but it has been noted that special guests will appear at the concert. With the news that Jay Z is having a free concert — just as Jay Z did prior to President Obama’s election in 2008 — folks are wondering if Beyonce will also appear at the concert.

Either way, tickets will begin to be handed out Friday, though it’s not clear where or how yet.

As seen in the top photo above, Beyonce and Jay Z watched Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors in Cleveland, months ago.

Although Jay Z fans are plenty familiar with the rapper’s lyrics — way back from The Blueprint album and beyond — conservative sites like Hot Air are using the opportunity to scour through Jay Z’s lyrics to highlight misogynist words now that a concert supporting Clinton has been announced.

Jay z
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Some of the social media reactions to Jay Z’s concert can be read below.

“Y’all mad Trump ain’t getting no support like this.”

“Cleveland huh? LEBRON WILL BE THERE I BET.”

“HOV endorsing Hillary! It’s the Roc campaigning.”

“There went Trumps 3 percent of the African-American vote.”

“Jay showing love.. #President #HillaryClinton #JayZ

“Mrs. Obama must be furious and shaken to the core about this. I hope he doesn’t sing his songs Big Pimpin’ or P****! Or at least leave out the words b**** and h***.”

According to Cleveland Scene, the Jay Z concert tickets will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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