Nicole Kidman Named 2016 Style Icon, But Where Was Keith Urban?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban only recently celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary and the couple couldn’t have seemed happier, gushing about their love for one another. Yet, even then, there were clues that Nicole and Keith weren’t as consumed by wedded bliss as they might have had their fans believe, particularly when, only a few months later, rumors of a pending divorce have begun to surface. At the time of their anniversary, both Urban and Kidman spoke of being physically separated due to their careers and finding unique ways to maintain a long-distance relationship, sharing romantic gestures that made their fans jealous. But it now seems that maintaining that situation was just too much for them.

Nicole Kidman Is Honored As A Style Icon For 2016, But Where Was Keith Urban?

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While fans have all been fooled into thinking Nicole and Keith are as giddy as newlyweds, Game N Guide reveals there is definitely trouble in paradise. The couple’s relationship has been so strained that they haven’t been seen together in months, since even before their anniversary, and that they may be living in separate quarters as well.

Sources close to the couple say that Urban has been unhappy with his marriage for some time, suggesting that Kidman’s personality has gone through extreme changes. It has been asserted that Nicole has become an “overwhelming, uncooperative, unsupportive” person, making living conditions unbearable for Urban.

That may explain why sources close to Kidman say Keith has been an absentee husband, leaving Kidman no choice but to hire a private detective to keep tabs on Keith.

While Nicole Kidman has previously said she never goes longer than five days apart from Keith Urban, it’s now been close to two months since the pair were last together in public.

Eliminating some of the suspicion surrounding their marriage, Nicole was joined by Urban when she attended the InStyle Awards at The Getty Center in Los Angeles on Monday. Normally, Urban and Kidman make great effort to accompany one another to awards ceremonies and events, so Urban’s absence from the event would definitely have raised some eyebrows.

Nicole Kidman Honored As A 2016 Style Icon

People explains that the InStyle event was intended to honor celebrities who have helped shape fashion and style of those regular attendees of red carpet events, and as such, it seemed only natural that Nicole Kidman should be among the honorees. Ms. Kidman was graciously in attendance, accompanied by her husband, Keith Urban.

In accepting the award, Nicole credited her children for helping her choose her stylish outfit for the event, revealing that she often takes fashion tips from her daughters.

“My kids were like, ‘Where are you going?’ I said, ‘To get a style award.’ They were like, ‘What?'” laughed Kidman.

Nicole was asked if she often gives fashion advice to her girls, but the actress was quick to correct that notion.

“No! They give me it.”

Speaking of fashion, Nicole says she still feels as though she’s living in a world of fantasy and make believe. Growing up, Kidman’s wardrobe consisted of hand-me-downs and clothing handmade by her mother, but, as she came into her fame, Nicole says she was spoiled by stylish outfits from designers like Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, and Galliano.

Ms. Kidman adds that her sense of style as a growing girl might be described as a “trainwreck,” but as she grew into her 20s and learned to dress for the camera, she developed a unique fashion sense. While Nicole was appreciative for her mother’s handmade gifts, she adds that receiving gifts from fashion designers made her feel like a princess.

“It’s kind of amazing. That’s like fairytale stuff right?”

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