Nintendo Slashes Prices On Wii Bundle Ahead Of Holiday Shopping Season, Wii U Release

If you’re in the market for a Nintendo Wii, now is the perfect time to prepare for your purchase. The company on Monday slashed the bundled price of the once popular gaming console to just $130.

The system, which was originally priced at $150, comes with a copy of the popular Super Mario Bros. game or the choice to pick up two games via Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Both bundles also include the black console option.

The higher-end Nintendo Wii U arrives on November 18 with a more hefty $300 price tag. The new system features a high tech remote with built-in LCD display and other new features.

Still considered a party favorite for many casual gamers, the $130 price tag for the original Nintendo Wii is a steal if you don’t need higher end graphics or if you simply want to replace an aging system so you can continue to play all of your already owned Wii games.

The $130 Wii bundle will go on sale in the United States starting on October 28. Nintendo has not yet revealed if other markets will receive the same offer at a later time.

One thing is for certain, there will be lines to pick up the Nintendo Wii U, even if the hype surrounding the gaming console is not on par with the gaming company’s revolutionary Nintendo Wii gaming console.

Do you plan on picking up a bargain priced Nintendo Wii bundle, or will you be grabbing the Nintendo Wii U when it debuts on November 18?