‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 2 Spoilers: Negan And The Kingdom [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 has entered into a whole new universe that puts the show in a whole new perspective. There is not going to be any more “Rick saves the day” scenarios, at least not for quite some time. But in Episode 2, that may all change when King Ezekiel enters the show.

We have all seen what happens when Rick and his group do not bow to the commands of Negan and his Saviors on The Walking Dead, according to Newsweek. It is was even more disturbing to see that Rick Grimes was broken to the point that he helplessly yelped and cried when faced with the notion that he was going to have to cut off his son’s arm.

It became apparent at that moment that Rick Grimes was broken by Negan and that he was going to obey his every command from that point forward on The Walking Dead. But if Rick Grimes is not the strong man on The Walking Dead, who is going to step up while he is licking his wounds?

In Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, titled “The Well,” fans will finally get to see King Ezekiel, and although he does have what appears to be a fascist way of doing things, he does so in a way that allows his people to live in peace and they prosper, according to TV Guide. A makeshift monarchy is something that Americans have never cared for, but, in this case, it will work out, at least for the interim on The Walking Dead.

So when Rick Grimes and his core group at Alexandria seek a savior for themselves, it is King Ezekiel who is going to rise to the challenge and help them adapt to a new way of life in the region. The Walking Dead has transformed itself into a new code of conduct for its core characters. The Governor back in Georgia was quite a menacing character to have dealt with, but he was mild compared to what is about to come with Negan and the [former] Washington D.C. metro area.

Therein lies another major question for The Walking Dead. How has the Kingdom dealt with Negan and the Saviors up until this point? Surely Negan has taken a similar approach to getting their loyalty as well. So how have they dealt with Negan and what have they done to protect themselves against his tyrannical rule over the land?

That also has to make fans of The Walking Dead wonder whether or not Deanna Monroe had to make deals with Negan for Alexandria, or was this their first encounter with the Saviors as a whole?

Some of these answers about The Walking Dead and Alexandria might have to be answered by King Ezekiel himself, considering he is the only one that may have been privy to what Alexandria was like before Rick and his core family arrived. It is possible that he knew what kind of deals Deanna made with Negan, if any at all. Or maybe that is why she had sent out search parties looking for survivors of the Walking Dead apocalypse, to build an army to stand against Negan.

One of the things that we do know about King Ezekiel on Season 7 of The Walking Dead is that he is not some tyrannical leader, but rather a pragmatic one that does things much different than other groups in the area. He is an older man who has an eccentric personality, even a bit flamboyant at times. But he is still productive, even when he dresses his soldiers up to resemble knights.

Fans of The Walking Dead will get to see that there is help on the way, considering there is an equal amount of hatred for Negan with the Kingdom. As a matter of fact, this could be the start of a large-scale war between Negan and the two allies at some point in Season 7, which will likely start sometime after the winter break.

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