‘Mad Max: Fury Road: Black And Chrome Edition’ Now Available On Digital HD

Good news for hardcore Mad Max fans: the new Mad Max: Fury Road: Black And Chrome Edition appears to now be available on Digital HD on most VOD platforms. This follows Birth Movies Death reporting earlier today that the special version of the movie is streaming on Amazon.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Black And Chrome Edition is a unique revision of last year’s popular action movie, the latest entry in the cult classic Mad Max series. The director, George Miller, oversaw a new version that is in black-and-white, which Miller thinks brings out aspects of the movie not necessarily seen in the regular color version.

Director George Miller, speaking with Yahoo Movies, says “I’ve always dreamed about putting out a Mad Max movie in black and white.” He recounts working on The Road Warrior (the 1981 Mad Max sequel that was the second in the series) when he realized the impact black-and-white could have on his movie.

“The best version I ever saw of The Road Warrior, was when the composer, Brian May, was on the soundstage, conducting the orchestra. In those days, in the recording studio, used what they called a ‘black and white dupe,’ a ‘slash dupe,’ which is a very, very crude, cheap version of the color print. And I remember walking in there for the first time and seeing the first black-and-white ‘slash dupe’ of The Road Warrior. And I thought, ‘Oh my God! That’s how the movie should have been.'”

Miller thinks the lack of color actually can improve the way viewers think about the movie.

“Something about black and white, the way it distills it, makes it a little bit more abstract, something about losing some of the information of color makes it somehow more iconic.”

Not just an interesting alternate, Miller feels the Black And Chrome Edition might actually be the best version of Fury Road.

“So here we are with a black and white version of [Fury Road]. Some scenes in particular play a lot better; and some, there’s some information that we got from the color that is missing … But overall for me, it’s the best version of the movie. It will be interesting to see if you agree.”

A promo image for Mad Max Fury Road Black And Chrome Edition [Image by Warner Brothers]
[Image by Warner Brothers]

Birth Movies Death writer Scott Wampler humorously gives Miller the benefit of the doubt.

“I’ve not seen this new cut, so I’m not prepared to agree or disagree with that, but experience tells me that it’s generally best to agree with whatever George Miller is saying at any given time. If he says this is the best possible version of Mad Max: Fury Road, I’m prepared to believe him.”

Wampler also links to a fan-made video that shows the differences between scenes in the color version of Fury Road, the Black And Chrome Edition, and the color version with the tint removed.

In the video, the Black And Chrome edition appears to have a greater contrast between the brights and the darks, creating a slightly muddier image, but one that “pops” more than just the “de-colored” color version. To those fans wondering why they couldn’t simply create this themselves with an existing copy of the regular Fury Road and their video player’s A/V controls, this gives something of an answer.

In addition to streaming on Amazon, Mad Max: Fury Road: Black And Chrome Edition appears on YouTube VOD, as well as iTunes, under the ‘iTunes Extras’ section of the regular version of Fury Road.

A screenshot of the iTunes Extras section for Mad Max:Fury Road. [Image by iTunes/Warner Brothers]
[Image by iTunes/Warner Brothers]

This digital release coincides with the physical release of the huge Blu-Ray box set Mad Max High Octane Anthology Collection. This multi-disc set includes all four films in the series, the Black And Chrome Edition of Fury Road, bonus behind-the-scenes documentaries, and a Fury Road figurine of Max’s car. If you’re a truly serious fan, be prepared to lay down some cash. The High Octane Anthology Collection is currently listed on Amazon at $240. For the time being, this is the only place to get a physical copy of the Black And Chrome Edition, but Yahoo Movies reports that a stand-alone Blu-Ray is due in December.

What do you think? It this new release of a Fury RoadBlack And Chrome Edition a worthwhile use of time and money, or just a cinematography and editing experiment that no one actually needs? Feel free to leave a comment below.

[Featured Image by Warner Brothers]