‘This Is Us’ TV Show: Watch Episode 5 Online To See #WhereIsJack — Dead, On Dialysis Or Divorced With Alzheimer’s [Video]

The TV show known as This Is Us has been a runaway hit — with a huge following of folks who can’t wait to see what will happen during the Season one, episode No. 5 on Tuesday night. First off, if you haven’t yet watched This Is Us — or want to watch episode No. 1 through No. 4 again — watch them below.

Now that everyone’s on the same page, check out the current list of This Is Us episodes on NBC’s website, to determine if NBC has placed episode No. 5 on the website yet.

Checking long This Is Us YouTube videos — without clicking onto nefarious sites — is an option.

The This Is Us video page on Twitter, and This Is Us tweets and the @NBCThisisUs Twitter page, along with the official Twitter handle for should prove fruitful on Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

In the meantime, there are other ways to find out from online videos by watching This Is Us on Tuesday night to determine what Jack Pearson’s big secret will be. As reported by EW, Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack — the one-time husband to Mandy Moore’s Rebecca Pearson character.

Since Milo has spilled the beans about Tuesday’s episode, No. 5, saying that This Is Us viewers will finally meet Jack in the present day, folks are already taking guesses as to what the spoilers of episode No. 5, titled “The Game Plan,” could be.

Expect an emotional ride.

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Sterling K. Brown, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia [Image by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]

This Is Us has already taken viewers on an emotional ride that showed Jack and Rebecca in the past — with the couple experiencing the painful stillborn death of one of their triplets. Then came Sterling Brown’s character, showing up as an abandoned baby who seemed to fortuitously show up just when the grieving parents needed to complete their set of three babies to take home.

With themes that run the gamut from obesity to alcoholism to racism and beyond, This Is Us has captured hearts, attention and high ratings.

Meanwhile, as Mandy has called episode No. 5 of This Is Us one that’s “super special” and other This Is Us cast members have called it a tearjerker, This Is Us viewers are finally relieved to figure out what could have possibly happened to Jack, since this is the first time that Jack will be seen in the present day.

“The Game Plan” will center around Super Bowl Sunday — obviously a special one that will either show Jack dying, getting divorced or experiencing some sort of health crisis or rock-bottom that makes Rebecca leave him. The present-day shots have shown Rebecca married to a different This Is Us character — leaving folks to guess at what could have possibly happened to Jack.

Since Jack’s alcoholism has been the focus of some segments of This Is Us, viewers are guessing that Jack might have suffered a fate of dialysis — or death. Some quip that they hope This Is Us doesn’t show Jack in the present day, at home in a cemetery.

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The current day scenes have shown Rebecca with Jack’s best friend, Miguel — played by Jon Huertas. With one scene showing Miguel stating how lucky Jack was to be with Rebecca, this journalist wonders if Jack won’t discover Rebecca’s babies really belong to Miguel — and not Jack. But that’s a farfetched guess.

This Is Us viewers have made the following guesses about the secrets episode No. 5 might reveal.

“I really need Jack to be dead in the present day cause I don’t think I can handle Jack and Rebecca having a broken marriage. It’s so strange to be rooting for a well liked main character to be dead.”

“Either Jack is dead or some kind of medical issue like stroke or Alzheimer’s… And they agreed if that happened she’d move on and be happy. Tho I’m hoping for dead cause I can’t imagine them being apart or he being sick and alive still and her married to Miguel. My heart can’t take it after Walking Dead on Sunday…”

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