No, Catelynn Lowell Wasn’t Slammed On Twitter By Jenelle Evans — It Was A Fake Account

It appears as if fake Twitter accounts are causing problems between Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 and Catelynn Lowell from Teen Mom OG.

For anyone who has been following Teen Mom OG, you know that people have had nothing but bad things to say about Catelynn Lowell. Things took a wrong turn when the mother made the decision to share a video on SnapChat of her daughter while she was naked and playing in the shower. After receiving a lot of backlash, she made the decision to remove the video from SnapChat, but that didn’t stop Lowell from Teen Mom OG from creating a video with her mother and posting it on Twitter to tell people how she really felt about their reactions to the video of her daughter.

Unfortunately for Catelynn Lowell, the video she posted on Twitter only made things worse as she referred to the people who were bashing her video as “retarded.” It didn’t take long before users on Twitter to rage against this mother from Teen Mom OG a second time for inappropriately using such an offensive word.

Things got more chaotic when a new tabloid story popped up, according to Wet Paint, which claimed Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 had bashed Catelynn Lowell from Teen Mom OG on Twitter because of the video she had posted of her daughter on SnapChat.

As this Teen Mom rumor started to spread, Jenelle Evans freaked out because she caught wind of it. Why? Because the tabloid story was being reported about something Evans hadn’t even said.

Wet Paint goes on to reveal that the truth of the story is that Evans didn’t really have a problem with the video Catelynn Lowell shared on Snapchat of her daughter. In fact, the only thing Jenelle had a problem with was Catelynn’s inappropriate use of the word “retarded.” Other than using this word to inappropriately refer to the people who had reported Lowell’s video on Snapchat, Jenelle did not think the star from Teen Mom OG did anything wrong.

When Jenelle Evans caught wind of the new tabloid rumor about the feud between herself and Catelynn, she quickly took to Twitter to clarify. The two posts Jenelle made clarifying have since been deleted. She did, however, retweet a post someone else made on Twitter about the original messages coming from a fake account.

In her two Twitter posts to Catelynn Lowell, Jenelle claims that she hadn’t even seen the video that people were claiming she bashed the Teen Mom OG star over, so there was no way it could have been her.

How is it that this tabloid story was so believable to so many people? Well, it turns out the fake Jenelle Evans Twitter account used the same profile photo, cover photo, and even an almost identical handle. When the fake Twitter account bashed Catelynn Lowell, a lot of people just assumed it was Evans without looking very closely at the account.

As you can see in the Twitter posts below, it didn’t take long for this tabloid rumor to spread like wildfire.

The fake Twitter account certainly looks convincing, until you took a look at the somewhat morbid bio. While the account has now been suspended, Wet Paint captured a screenshot of the bio on the Twitter account. The bio talked about how Jenelle has now met “soulmate #5”. It also mentioned how she was excited to finally be having a daughter. It even mentioned how she had three children and five additional children in heaven. How morbid.

While Catelynn Lowell did go on Twitter and apologize for her inappropriate use of the word “retarded,” she hasn’t made a comment regarding the tabloid story or Jenelle’s fake account.

This story is a prime example of why Teen Mom fans have to be careful with what they read – even on Twitter – because you never know when you are reading something that actually came from one of the mothers.

What do you think about all of the drama Catelynn Lowell has had on Twitter and other social media platforms lately? Do you think it is sad how easy it is for something one of these girls says (or even a fake account pretending to be them) says to turn into something so ugly and dramatic? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images & Theo Wargo/Getty Images]