Farrah Abraham Pulls Daughter From ‘Teen Mom OG’ After Reunion Brawl

Farrah Abraham has been making headlines for the last few days. She was involved in an altercation with co-star Amber Portwood. It happened at the Teen Mom OG reunion which was taped over the weekend. Abraham was talking with Dr. Drew Pinsky and made a comment about Matt Baier looking like a pedophile. That was when Portwood stormed the stage and began trying to punch Abraham. Although the girls didn’t actually get physical, it was quite confrontational. There was some physical action that happened when Michael Abraham’s hands landed on Baier’s throat.

Reports were circulating that Farrah Abraham refused to film the rest of the Teen Mom OG reunion because she feared for her safety. While it is unclear whether or not the filming was complete, it was confirmed that the brawl did happen. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Farrah Abraham has decided to pull her daughter from Teen Mom OG. She has decided that Sophia will not be allowed to be on camera because she deems it an unsafe environment for her child. This has fans puzzled because while the show has four stars, there is rarely anything filmed together. The reunion is the exception to the rule, and now that it may be completed, there is no reason to worry about safety concerns.

This is a page from Maci Bookout’s book. She refused to let Bentley film for quite some time when Farrah Abraham was asked back to the show. It has become tit for tat with these girls, getting worse as time goes on. The physical altercation was surprising because Amber Portwood seemed to have calmed down since her release from prison. With everything that went down between Abraham and the other cast members, it was shocking that no one had the police called. Teen Mom OG hasn’t had drama like this since Portwood was arrested and sent to prison. She was caught on camera getting physical with her then-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. Violence seems to be coming to the surface again, and this has some fans concerned.

Right now, Season 7 of Teen Mom OG has already been confirmed. It is unclear how the contracts signed by Farrah Abraham will be affected by the news she is pulling Sophia off the show. There is some speculation that Abraham may also bail on the show now that she has several business ventures happening at once. Her boyfriend, Simon Saran, was filming with her at the reunion and he is the reason that the brawl happened. Dr. Drew Pinsky asked him about his Snapchat comments regarding Matt Baier and before he was able to apologize, Abraham blurted out the comment about him looking like a pedophile.

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Only time will tell how this will all go down with Farrah Abraham and the network. She has been complaining that the crew was as much to blame for the attack as the co-stars were. There has been a lot of conflict between Abraham and the crew throughout filming. She has strict rules about what can and can’t happen in her house, and the network provides portable bathrooms that the crew uses while filming. Abraham doesn’t allow them to use her bathrooms, eat her food, or walk on her carpets or floors without booties. Sophia isn’t filmed a lot so not seeing her on the show won’t do anything to the ratings. The only hang-up Abraham may experience is the contract obligations she has for Season 7. Since she is a single parent, she has complete control over what her daughter can and can’t do. Farrah Abraham talks a lot of game, but Teen Mom OG fans believe that she won’t keep Sophia out of the spotlight for long.

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