Wilmington Man Arrested And Charged With Animal Cruelty After Sexually Assaulting Dog

A disturbed Delaware man was arrested last Saturday (October 15) after a witness claimed to have seen him viciously rape a small dog.

Star News Online reports that Wilmington resident Sisto Michael Fea, 24, was hit with several charges of animal cruelty and felony crimes to nature for the alleged sexual and physical assault of his collie, Lola.

According to the Wilmington Police Department, the assailant was first seen walking out of his Bagley Ave. home by the unnamed observer on October 14 while carrying the canine in his arms. Once he reached the porch, Fea then supposedly began having intercourse with Lola, which she immediately protested. In response, Fea reputedly dropped the dog, kicked it off the porch, and walked back inside of his home.

Moments later, he reemerged from the residence and allegedly continued sexually assaulting Lola. Following a flashing of headlights from the witness, who was seated inside of a car, Fea once again entered his home and did not come back outside. Lola, meanwhile, ran away from the residence and, by connection, from Fea’s further advances.

sisto michael fea
Fea, 24, allegedly raped his pet collie, Lola. [Photo by GlobalP/iStock]

When law enforcement arrived on the scene after the witness dialed 911, no one answered the door at Fea’s home. They returned the very next day, this time with a search warrant, where both Fea and Lola were taken without incident.

During a search of his home, police seized a jar of petroleum jelly that was taken into evidence. A veterinarian in the area examined Lola at some point after Fea’s arrest, and with assistance from a rape kit that utilizes a special UV light to trace bodily fluids, uncovered a mixture of both the lubricant and human sperm.

In court last Monday (October 17), Fea relayed through his attorney, Merritt Wagoner, that the charges were unfounded and that he was not guilty. Judge Sandra Ray, the officiant overlooking the case, denied Wagoner’s request for his client to be released without bond, and instead, lowered Fea’s $50,000 bail to $25,000. As of today, Fea has not yet come up with the funding for his release, but should he do so, he will be monitored via an electronic ankle bracelet.

Furthermore, he has been ordered by Ray to refrain from any contact with Lola, who cannot be released to anyone he has interpersonal relationships with, including his family or his roommates. She is currently being housed in the New Hanover County Animal Services shelter and will eventually be sent off to live with a foster family. The sentencing date for Fea has not yet been publicly announced.

In an eerie connection, this is not the first matter in recent history in where a dog was used by someone as a sexual plaything.

Earlier this year, as reported by both the Inquisitr and the Cincinnati Enquirer, Clifton Heights resident George Pazos pleaded guilty to two charges of aggravated assault after he allegedly forced a call girl to sexually pleasure not just himself, but his dog as well.

In court documents for the case, the 49-year-old Pazos was said to have invited the victim to his home to “engage in sexual intercourse for pay” on January 1 of this year. During their tryst, he suddenly turned violent and repeatedly threatened the woman, before tying her up and raping her. He then physically coerced her to perform oral sex on his pet after he was through with his forceful act.

Through a plea bargain, the alleged defendant was able to avoid a 22-year-sentence by pleading guilty to the lesser charges of aggravated assault. He was ultimately sentenced to two years in prison for his crime. There was no word given regarding the status of his dog.

[Featured Photo by WilmingtonMugshots.com]