Jill Duggar’s Husband, Derick Dillard, Explains Donald Trump Support: Is It All About Abortion?

Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, has explained why he wants Donald Trump in the White House.

Many of Derick’s Twitter followers were dismayed when he revealed that he would be voting for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump this November. Fans of Jill Duggar’s family have listened to the ultra-religious reality show stars preach about sexual purity for years, so they couldn’t understand how Jill’s husband could back a twice-divorced man who has boasted about sexually assaulting women.

However, as the Daily Mail reports, Derick Dillard recently revealed that he doesn’t care about what Donald Trump says or does — all he cares about are the candidate’s policies.

“Voting for Trump doesn’t = condoning his lifestyle. It just means agreeing with more of his policies than Clinton’s,” Derick tweeted.

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Trump’s billionaire playboy lifestyle has come under intense scrutiny lately, thanks in part to multiple women coming forward to accuse him of sexually assaulting them. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Trump’s alleged victims began speaking out after a 2005 video surfaced in which the former host of The Apprentice boasts about being so powerful that he can do whatever he wants to women, including grabbing them “by the p***y.”

Many of Derick Dillard’s Twitter followers didn’t accept the Counting On star’s simple explanation for why he’s backing such a man.

“You can’t pick only certain parts. It’s a package deal. Just as it is with Clinton,” one follower argued.

Another Twitter user asked Derick to imagine if Jill Duggar, a molestation victim, was one of the women accusing Trump of sexual molestation. In this scenario, could Derick still ignore Donald Trump’s actions and focus solely on policy?

Some of Derick Dillard’s followers also questioned whether Trump can be trusted to stick to the GOP’s game plan when it comes to policy.

“Well intentioned but misguided. What makes u think he will make conservative policy based on how he lives his life?” one Twitter user asked the Counting On star.

Derick didn’t respond to fans who asked him which of Donald Trump’s policies he supports, but he dropped a hint about what one of them might be when he tweeted about the vice presidential debate earlier this month.

The use of the #chooselife hashtag suggests that Derick Dillard supports what the GOP platform says about abortion. The platform is against abortion in general, and it includes language condemning Planned Parenthood and abortions based on disabilities. It also advocates for the appointment of anti-abortion Supreme Court justices.

As Radar Online reports, Jill Duggar revealed her anti-abortion stance in Growing Up Duggar, a book that she and three of her sisters — Jana, Jessa, and Jinger — released in 2014.

“Don’t allow anyone to talk you into taking the life of your child,” they wrote. “Your baby is not a blob of tissue!… It’s a baby from the time it is conceived.”

Donald Trump’s personal record when it comes to abortion may give Derick and Jill pause. According to Time, he described himself as “very pro-choice” in 1999, and Slate reports that he once refused to say whether he has ever paid for an abortion.

Trump misled anti-choicers like Derick Dillard during the final presidential debate when he said that his SCOTUS appointees would “automatically” repeal Roe v. Wade (the Supreme Court doesn’t work this way). And as Fortune reports, Trump danced around the question when he was asked if he wants the court to overturn Roe v. Wade. Some anti-choicers weren’t happy with his answer.

Vox points out that Trump also displayed ignorance about women’s reproductive health issues during the final debate when he claimed that a woman can “rip the baby out of the womb on the ninth month on the final day” — no abortions are being performed on the last day of a woman’s pregnancy.

What do you of Derick Dillard’s support for Donald Trump? Share your thoughts below.

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