Selena Gomez ‘Cheered Up’ In Rehab By Ed Sheeran And Jennifer Aniston Visits

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston may not seem to have much in common. But when pop princess Selena met Friends actress Jennifer through their management team, they formed a bond that remained unbroken despite living in different worlds. So when Aniston, 47, discovered that the 24-year-old singer was in rehab, she reportedly lifted her spirits by paying a visit to Gomez.

Jennifer caused Selena’s Twitter fans to enthuse about her kindness, which reportedly included a card showing how much all of her pals support her. Aniston’s visit to the rehab facility gave Gomez the “surprise of her life,” revealed an insider cited by Celebs Now.

Although she only gets a “limited number of visitors a day,” the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer reportedly was allowed to visit with Jennifer, who is sympathetic and “knows she must be feeling awful,” added the insider.

“She got the surprise of her life when [Aniston] showed up. [Jennifer is] incredibly supportive.”

And while it’s not a remedy that a doctor can write on a prescription pad, the visit with Aniston “was exactly what Selena needed,” noted the source. Jennifer reportedly even figured out a priceless gift for the singer in the form of a card that showed just how much her friends support her.

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston have formed a strong friendship.
HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 05: (L-R) Singer Selena Gomez and actress Jennifer Aniston attend the CAKE party for Jennifer Aniston hosted by Perrier-Jouet And Cinelou Films at Chateau Marmont's Bar Marmont on December 5, 2014 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Cinelou)

“[Aniston] even turned up with a card signed by all their friends back home,” revealed the insider.

Jennifer made an impression on the singer after they met up at a party in December 2014.

“We met through my management so it was kind of like a friendly meeting and instantly she’s, like, inviting me to her house,” recalled Selena.

Selena Gomez was delighted when Jennifer Aniston invited her to visit.
Selena Gomez was delighted when Jennifer Aniston invited her to visit. [Image by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Cinelou]

Noting that Aniston gave her “maternal advice,” the 24-year-old shared that they bonded over food, and she was impressed by Jennifer’s pizza oven.

“She has a pizza oven,” gushed the pop princess. “Like, we’ve made pizzas at her house. She’s very cool and very sweet. She kind of gives me a lot of maternal advice.”

The 24-year-old has been seen outside of rehab smiling and posing with fans, but OK magazine reports that “nothing made her happier” than the visit from Jennifer.

Noting that Aniston and Gomez became “fast friends” after they met through their management team, the publication cited a source saying that Jennifer “wanted to let her know everyone is rooting for her.” Aniston succeeded in her goal of lifting up her friend’s spirits, added the source.

“Seeing [Jennifer] was exactly what Selena needed…she really cheered her up.”

In addition to Aniston, Ed Sheeran reportedly has visited the “Hands To Myself” singer in rehab.

Sheeran and Gomez have a mutual friend in Taylor Swift, pointed out EnStars, which cited a source saying that Ed is even dating the “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” singer. Sheeran allegedly was seen “getting cozy” with Selena during one of Taylor’s concerts.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Ed reportedly visited the 24-year-old in rehab to lift up her spirits.

This isn’t the first time that Sheeran and Gomez have been rumored to be a couple. Last year, ET reported that the two enjoyed a night out together.

Ed and Selena were seen dining together at the Sunset Towers Hotel. They followed up their dinner date by traveling to “Nobody Love” singer Tori Kelly’s album release party. Sheeran was also seen with the pop princess at The Nice Guy lounge in Los Angeles.

Following their time together at the Los Angeles hot spot, they exited the party as a couple, traveling in the same black SUV. And for the crowning touch on their evening together, they visited a 7-Eleven convenience store.

As for whether this means that Sheeran and Gomez will be dating when she leaves rehab, Hollywood Life revealed that part of her recovery process is to plan for her future.

To complete her recovery, she allegedly needs “to cut out the ‘negative’ people from her life,” according to Hollywood Life, which also reported that she has created a “list of friends she shouldn’t see” after she returns to Los Angeles, California.

Since Ed and Jennifer reportedly both were welcome visitors in her rehab, it’s not known who is on the “shouldn’t see” list of friends.

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