WWE News: Jim Ross Comments On AJ Styles Vs. Shawn Michaels Taking Place

The WWE needs to be saved in an immediate fashion. That was very evident after watching Monday Night Raw on October 24. It was the go-home show for Hell in a Cell on Sunday, October 30. There are three Hell in a Cell matches. Roman Reigns vs. Rusev, Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks, and Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins round out the bouts in the hellacious structure. Despite what should be an excellent show, the promotion on their go-home program didn’t do it justice.

It’s often a common criticism from the WWE Universe that matches aren’t built properly anymore and the hype that used to be present has vanished into thin air. While that’s mostly accurate, the WWE is in need of a segment, or rather a rivalry to bring back the ratings and casual WWE audience that tends to depart during the rough times of WWE programming. In October of 2016, one of those rough times is happening currently.

WWE Monday Night Raw: Roman Reigns

WWE Raw has not found out how to succeed in the post-WWE Draft era. The brand split was meant for both brands to succeed, but only one is doing that. AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, and the entire SmackDown Live roster is doing tremendous work at keeping fans interested. They’re a brand who can utilize any roster member and build stars from the ground up. Even their low-card is acting as a mid-card, because the mid-card wrestlers are over. It’s a novel concept that hasn’t been done right in almost a decade.

Going back to Styles, there’s one match that can save the WWE, but it would be rare if it actually happens. A huge rumor about him wrestling Shawn Michaels started last week. He addressed it to Sports Illustrated, but various reports say the Heartbreak Kid won’t come out of retirement. As per usual, Jim Ross, a WWE legend, commented on the possibility of that match and said that it’s a long-shot, but it’s possible.

“The odds of Shawn Michaels wrestling at the Royal Rumble vs AJ Styles is a definite long shot as HBK has stressed to me on multiple occasions including the Ross Report podcast that he’s done with in ring activities in the wrestling biz. However, Shawn is a ‘company man’ and if WWE really needed a main event that could move a large amount of tickets in San Antonio at the Alamo Dome, I think that HBK would consider the company’s request. Without question, a Michaels vs Styles match in San Antonio at the Royal Rumble would be coveted by all involved if it were to occur. I’d realistically put the odds of this main event happening at less than 50-50 but I’d love to be wrong on this one.”

In a recent report by the Inquisitr, Michaels is firm on not returning to the WWE for in-ring activities. That’s exactly what Ross is alluding to in his statement. He’s very in touch with wrestlers from that era. Ross has made statements about Stone Cold Steve Austin that are accurate. Good Ol’ JR doesn’t just say something to pop his viewership numbers for his podcast or website.


Even if the Heartbreak Kid doesn’t return to the WWE, there are other options to make sure SmackDown Live sustains its growing popularity. According to Cageside Seats, Styles talked about facing guys like Randy Orton in a feud and it being a dream opponent for him.

That’s one thing that WWE Raw just doesn’t have: options. Without Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, or Seth Rollins, nobody else is even close to a main-event role. The truth is, only Jericho is taken seriously as a competitor. Owens isn’t respected as a WWE champion, and Rollins isn’t being booked properly either. The problems are piling up on each other, which the WWE brass must focus on. If Michaels can’t help boost ratings, then who will?

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