Girl Scout Cookies Cereal Heading To Shelves, Thanks To General Mills

A Girl Scout Cookies cereal is coming soon to a retailer near you. This limited edition product from General Mills is set to make cereal great again, and for a good cause, despite what some religious groups might say.

The biggest group who might have a problem with this is nutritionists, who might see this as a serious setback in the promotion of healthier diets. Most cereals really are mostly sugar, save a few which probably aren’t as popular with the largest consumer of cereals, children. Just look at the box and you know instantly that Kellogg’s and General Mills often market their products toward the young crowd.

It’s been a generally successful marketing tactic, and could help an already famous organization to spread the word. The Girl Scouts of America has always been about the betterment of young women and girls, aiming to improve their lives in some of the most important years. So far the organization has produced some of the most unapologetically delicious dessert treats ever tasted, even if they might not be that healthy.

There has been a push behind the scenes to make everyday packaged foods in the United States more healthy, though, so there is a chance that the Girl Scout Cookies cereal could be altered in that way.

The introduction of Girl Scout Cookies cereal is part of an agreement with the Girl Scouts of America, an effort to help spread the word and increase sales of the dessert treats. Part of the proceeds from the cereal with also go to the GSA, and it might not be on shelves for long.

The breakfast option is only a limited edition, a common factor among cereals today, according to USA Today. Every time a major movie hits theaters, there is almost always a cereal released as a promotional marketing ploy. Popular children’s cartoons often end up with characters on cereal boxes as well. Don’t expect Stewie or Peter Griffin, Homer or Bart Simpson, or the kids from South Park on one, though, as the content of the shows is often not family friendly.

Limited edition cereals may stay on shelves longer depending on sales, so if enough boxes of Girl Scout Cookies cereal fly off of shelves regularly, it might go into regular rotation.

Between General Mills and Kellogg’s, GM often tastes better and is probably healthier in general. This could be a sign that the Girl Scouts version coming to stores soon will not only promote the organization, but be a healthy alternative to test a less sugar-packed alternative.

The current flavors being released are Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch, the equivalent of Thin Mint cookies and Samoas. The biggest differences expected might be that the chocolate will be less apt to melt, and both could contain more fiber content. Don’t expect the original cookies to make it into your cereal bowl, since they aren’t intended to be drowned in milk or eaten with a spoon.

More varieties might even make it to shelves if the first two are proven successful.

If you find yourself missing the original Girl Scout cookies, you can always look for the girls in front of most major grocery stores at certain times of the year and ask for their personal sale site. That way you can order the cookies delivered to your door anytime you get a craving.

General Mills spokesman Mike Siemienas says that Girl Scout Cookies cereal will be made available nationwide in January.

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