Jenelle Evans Excited About Baby Girl: Is She Forgetting About Jace’s Custody Battle?

Jenelle Evans recently announced that she was pregnant with her third child and this time around, she is expecting a baby girl with her boyfriend, David Eason. At present time, Evans has two sons with two separate men and this daughter would make it three children with three different men. She was briefly married to a fourth man, but they never ended up having any children together. While Evans is excited about having a child with Eason, it sounds like fans are remembering some things that she has said in the past.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she’s super excited about meeting her baby girl, who is due in January. Jenelle is already showing quite a bit and she’s excited about having a girl after having two boys. And she recently opened up about her feelings on social media, sharing that she simply can’t wait to meet her baby girl.

“Miss. Ensley, we are waiting patiently for your arrival and wish it wasn’t taking so long! Everyone is super excited to meet you and cannot wait to hold you. Such a joy to bring a little girl into our big family. Love you baby girl!” Jenelle Evans revealed in an Instagram post, sharing that she’s very excited about meeting her baby girl.

When Jenelle Evans announced her pregnancy news, people were shocked and surprised that she was pregnant once again. It was just a few months ago that Evans revealed that she wouldn’t get pregnant for a third time until she had gotten back full custody of her son, Jace, who is legally under her mother’s guidance. Her mother is his legal guardian, as Jenelle signed over her legal rights when he was just a few days old.

Jenelle keeps saying that she’s trying everything available to her in court to get her son back, but her mother simply isn’t letting him go. Many fans are wondering if she has forgotten about her son Jace, as she’s pregnant with her third child. But it sounds like Jenelle Evans is still fighting to get Jace back.


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“She said she would not have another child until getting custody of Jace! Now she’s on her 3rd! My parents did me the way she did Jace and I was terribly scarred. Wondered why I wasn’t good enough to fight for? No, my parents weren’t drug addicts they moved in to take care of 2 sick Great Grandparents but at 8 years old you don’t understand why u are being sent away. Jace will see documented evidence of what was more important than him. My heart hurts for him and Kai. Stepping down from soapbox,” one person replied to Jenelle Evans on her Instagram post, sharing things from Jace’s perspective.

And it sounds like people want Evans to change, especially since she’s been linked to drug use, anger issues and even child neglect in the past. While not every rumor has been proven true, she did go through a period where people would randomly call Child Protective Services to report things that were supposedly happening in the home. Jenelle Evans was never held responsible for anything and she was never charged.

“I hope she changes for that little girl or she is gonna get up with abusive relationship and have no value in herself. The boys are probably already scarred from her actions and the men she’s brought around them. Girls are usually more outwardly effected by it. Everything you do effects your children,” another person wrote, hoping that Jenelle Evans would change her attitude with this baby, so they would hear more positive stories about her as a mother.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans getting excited about her baby girl? Do you think she should pursue custody of her son instead of having more children?

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