World’s Hottest September: Global Temperatures Tie Heat Record

Last month was the world’s hottest September.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, last month tied the record for the world’s hottest September. The average global temperate last month was 60.2 degrees Fahrenheit, about 1.2 degrees higher than normal. The only other time time the world experienced a September that hot was in 2005.

NOAA writes:

“The average global temperature across land and ocean surfaces during September was 1.21°F above the long-term 20th century average. This temperature ties with 2005 as the record warmest September in the 133-year period of record.”

NOAA reports that global temperatures have been higher than normal all year. In fact, the world has experienced 331 consecutive month with global temperatures above the average.

University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver told that this September proves once again that the global temperature is continuing to rise. Weaver said:

”What’s playing out is precisely what climate said we should expect to see 20 to 30 years ago.”

NPR reports that as temperatures rise the number of global warming skeptics decrease. A new PEW Research Study claims that 67% of Americans believe that there is “solid evidence” that the earth’s average temperature is getting warmer.

world's hottest september

Are you surprised that this was the world’s hottest September?