Sheree Whitfield’s New Juicy Book: Will It Be Inspired By The ‘RHOA’ Ladies?

Sheree Whitfield decided to return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta last year as a friend of the wives, and it was clear from the beginning that Sheree and Kenya Moore weren’t going to get along. During one of the first episodes of the season, Kenya started bringing up some financial issues that Sheree Whitfield had been dealing with, and it was clearly painful for her. But Whitfield wasn’t about to let Kenya tear her down. Instead, she’s now returning to the show as a full-time housewife, and she’s coming back with a bang.

According to a new Reality Tea report, Sheree Whitfield is joining the show as a full-time housewife this season, and she has a new book with her. During her hiatus from the show, Whitfield has been writing a brand new fiction book called Wives, Fiancees, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta. And it sounds like it’s going to be quite a juicy book.

“Luvs, it’s finally here! You’re the first to see the cover of my first novel. It’s juicy – can you tell if it’s real or rumor? Coming soon to bookshelves near you! #RHOA #WontHeDoIt #SoExcited” Sheree Whitfield revealed on her Instagram account, sharing a picture of the cover.

While Sheree hasn’t talked about her ex-husband cheating on her, it sounds like this fictional book may be inspired by the people around her – and possibly by The Real Housewives of Atlanta housewives. Just a few years ago, Peter Thomas was caught getting a little too close to another woman in an Instagram video, and Cynthia Bailey was devastated. But Porsha Williams claimed that this wasn’t the first time that Peter has cheated on Cynthia and their marriage may have served as inspiration for Sheree Whitfield’s book.


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Even though Porsha’s marriage to Kordell Williams has come to an end, she seems to be the one who likes to talk about the other women. Just last year, Williams kept talking about the other women’s dating life, including an accusation during the reunion of someone dating a “one-eyed African.” And while this was shocking to Sheree Whitfield at the time, this may have served as inspiration for her fiction book.

“It just blindsided me honestly. As I said last week, before the reunion you never know what tea these ladies will dig up and bring with them! The way she just spit out the tea, I was like “Wait, WHAT!? Did she just say one-eyed African?” I think all of the ladies were just like, “Wait, did she just say what we think she said?” It was an #OMG moment for me. LOL,” Sheree Whitfield revealed in her Bravo blog last year when the accusations came out.

Of course, the ladies also experienced drama from people who were not a part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. Last year, the ladies traveled to Miami, where they experienced a very violent person. Sheree Whitfield was shocked when she saw it, and Kenya Moore campaigned to have him face his consequences. Whitfield opened up about this incident to Bravo.

“At the time he was asked to leave, his behavior became extremely aggressive it was clear that it was unacceptable and not appropriate. I believe we all support the sentiments that Kandi expressed at the reunion during that moment,” Sheree Whitfield revealed to Bravo about Tammy’s nephew, who lost her cool in Miami during a trip away for the girls.

It will be interesting to see how much of the book is inspired by true events and hardcore Real Housewives of Atlanta fans may be able to pick up on cues and guess who the characters are based on.

Will you be reading Sheree Whitfield’s new book?

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