WWE News: Vince McMahon Go Nuts Backstage After Fans Didn’t React Well During Brock Lesnar Segment

If you saw WWE RAW, you had the chance to see Brock Lesnar make his way back to his second hometown and find himself involved one of the worst segments WWE has had in recent memory. What is so confused about the entire thing is that WWE assumed fans would do exactly as they the company wanted. The silver-tongued Paul Heyman is normally good for a promo any day of the week, but on this night the crowd wasn’t having it.

As was said above, WWE happened to be in Brock Lesnar’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota…sorta. While he does live in Canada now and even has Canadian citizenship, he was originally a student at the University of Minnesota where he then lived for years. He was born in South Dakota however, but for years he wanted to be known as a person who came from Minnesota. This makes this area a homecoming every time and it was the entire reason WWE brought him back to WWE RAW last night.

However, the segment he was involved in just didn’t go over well. The question is, what happened and what was WWE trying to accomplish with the segment to begin with? According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon “blew a gasket” during the Brock Lesnar segment because he wanted the crowd to chant for Goldberg during the segment with Lesnar and Heyman. Meanwhile the crowd didn’t want to do this, despite Heyman trying to get them to do it.

Brock Lesnar returns home
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You might have heard a few pro-Goldberg chants, but the fans mostly shouted “Goldberg sucks.” The promo seemed awkward with Heyman stuttering at times, and it seemed awkward from the beginning and almost pointless. Vince hated the segment so much that he ended it early and had the production area play Lesnar’s music to cue Heyman and Lesnar to leave. They were reportedly right in the middle of the segment at the time, which means they probably had more to say that now Goldberg cannot talk about next week when he shows up for the WWE RAW Halloween episode.

What did McMahon expect of the crowd, though? This was Brock Lesnar’s hometown really, and everyone knew this going in. They cheered heavily for Curtis Axel even, and he is considered a jobber by most everyone with a working brain. Why did McMahon think that fans who would obviously be pro-Lesnar would then cheer just for Goldberg to make him angry?

If this were any other state, sure, it makes sense to expect Heyman could shift them and make them want to cheer for Bill. Obviously, it is a really good story to write by saying that people cheered for Bill Goldberg in Lesnar’s hometown instead of chanting for Brock Lesnar himself. It does sound really good on paper, and of course, the WWE would love to write that.

Lesnar Hayman RAW
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However, it is not a real feasible thing to ask at this point. Lesnar is over, and there has not been a defined side for Brock for a couple of years now. Is he a heel or a babyface? Why would his hometown boo him even if he was a bad guy? At least if you had that you could expect more boos or people side with Goldberg more often. This just wasn’t right to ask of Paul Heyman to sway a very pro-Lesnar crowd when it was not going to happen.

The reaction Brock Lesnar got last night was really good, and the crowd chanted his name to welcome him home. He hasn’t been there on television in a while due to his part-time schedule. Fans don’t get to see him as it is, and it could always be the last time due to his schedule. That said, it makes total sense that WWE fans would cheer for Brock Lesnar, especially in the place he claimed as a home for years.

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