Felix Baumgartner Almost Succumbed To A “Death Spin” During His Jump [Video]

Felix Baumgartner’s miraculous fall to earth from 18 miles above terra firma almost literally spiralled out of control when the Austrian struggled to contain his drop during Sunday evening’s excursions.

As he plummeted to the ground Baumgartner began to spin head over heels at around 700 miles per hour and now newly-released footage has provided viewers with a pristine vantage point to see the terrifying ordeal. He has even described how his free fall disintegrated into a ‘death spin’.

“In that situation, when you spin around, it’s like hell and you don’t know if you can get out of that spin or not,” Baumgartner noted. “The exit was perfect bu then I started spinning slowly. I though I’d just spin a few time and that would be that, bu then I started to speed up.”

With millions of people watching on the internet there were signs that Baumgartner had started to lose control of the spin with the risks of his fall at that height ranging from a simple headache to unconsciousness via the bursting of his eyeballs if he had exceeded -4 G’s, as blood and spinal fluid would have forced their way out of his body.

“It was really brutal at times. I thought for a few seconds that I’d lose consciousness. ” Baumgartner went onto add, “Of course it was terrifying. I was fighting all the way down because I knew that there must be a moment where I can handle it.”

Fortunately Felix took control of the situation and landed safely breaking three world records in the process.