Paulie Calafiore, Zakiyah Everette Share Updates: Will The ‘Big Brother 18’ Lovebirds Be Living Together Soon? [Updated]

Big Brother 18 stars Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette may have had some rocky moments with one another in the house this past summer, but their showmance transitioned into a full-fledged romance once they were away from the cameras and this BB18 duo is going strong now. “Zaulie” has been sharing a lot of updates with fans and a recent Periscope broadcast brought some fun tidbits that people will not want to miss. What’s the latest from Paulie and Zakiyah?

As Big Brother 18 fans know, Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette are facing a long-distance romance once the dust settles and they go back to their everyday lives. He is based in New Jersey, while she is based in North Carolina. Fans have been anxious to know if one of them plans to move to be with the other, and they did address this very question in their recent Periscope.

Calafiore has multiple gigs going on in New Jersey that have him fairly tied to the area, which has led Big Brother 18 folks to question whether Everette will be moving to his neck of the woods. However, the BB18 lovebirds mentioned that at least for now, their relationship will have to continue to be a long distance one. Zakiyah says that school is a priority for her, and she has registered for the spring semester at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte where she has been working on her master’s degree.

As the Charlotte Observer has noted, Zakiyah is pursuing a master’s in child and family development, and she noted in the Zaulie Periscope that while the couple understands that Big Brother 18 supporters are anxious to see them living together, she needs to stay in Charlotte, for now, to focus on school. She added that once she’s completed her master’s, they will address the next step regarding their living situation.

Luckily, given that Everette doesn’t start school until after the holidays, it seems that she can continue to spend a lot of time with Calafiore and they are currently in her home state of North Carolina. When one follower asked if her mother has them staying in separate bedrooms during their visit, Everette said that they are just keeping the door open and are focused on respecting her mother’s expectations.

Zaulie shared plenty of fun tidbits about how they made their relationship official once they were in the hotel outside the jury house and they both say that the downtime they have now where they can hang out with one another as best friends is just the best. They will be in Edmonton, Canada for Halloween with fellow Big Brother 18 stars Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks, and Everette did say that the couple will be together for his upcoming birthday and she teased that she’s got something fun planned.

There was one bit of drama that popped up as a result of the Zaulie Periscope broadcast, and it came when one follower typed “Black Lives Matter” and Paulie said “All Lives Matter” right as the “BLM” post scrolled by on the screen. Quite a few fans of Paulie’s have noted that another follower had typed out “All Lives Matter” and Calafiore wasn’t replying with that as his own thought, but rather, he was reading it out loud as it scrolled by.

In addition, it seems that the “ALM” note was later reported and removed, so those who watch the Periscope broadcast now don’t see it and only see the BB18 star saying “All Lives Matter” in what would appear to many to be a response to the “Black Lives Matter” post whereas in reality the context was different. Luckily, he addressed it immediately after the incident and has further addressed it via social media.

This situation sparked a lot of talk on Twitter in particular, and Calafiore said during the video that he wasn’t going to get political. He did add via Twitter that he obviously supports the BLM movement and he hates that some people tried to bait him politically. It looks like Everette was hearing quite a bit from followers too and she did not hesitate to set people straight about how her man is already quite well educated on this topic and nobody needs to be trying to school either of them on the subject.

Despite some people criticizing what he said in the video, or how he responded afterward, plenty of Zaulie fans rallied to support him and didn’t think he had anything to explain or defend. Other “Zaulie Warriors” noted that they are all about prayers and positivity and that those who were critical of Paulie were just trying to stir up drama.

Luckily, most of the recent video that Paulie and Zakiyah did was fun, sweet, and light-hearted, as the two got mushy over one another, bantered a lot, and talked about everything from music to dream dates to zombie versus ghost attacks to how they want to have three children together. It is clear to many Big Brother 18 fans that these two have spent a lot of quality time together over these past few months and that they are very connected at this point.

Zaulie fans are bummed that this BB18 romance will need to stay a long-distance one for now, but people know that Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd spent a fair amount of their courtship living quite the distance from one another and they made it work. Jeff and Jordan are now married and just welcomed their first baby together, and Paulie and Zakiyah fans hope that someday they’ll be celebrating the same kind of news with this Big Brother 18 pair. Do you think that Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette will be managing to stick together for the long term?

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