‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7: Leaked Photo Contains Major Spoiler Regarding A New Alliance [Photos]

Warning! Major Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

After the recent fuss about the leaked plot of the entire seventh season of Game of Thrones (which, by the way, hasn’t been confirmed yet), pictures from a GoT set in Spain have been leaked online. The photos match up with the leaked plot and contain a huge spoiler regarding an alliance that could very well change everything in Westeros.

'Game Of Thrones' Tyrion Is Much More Important Than It Currently Appears

The pictures leaked by TMZ show the newly proclaimed King in the North, Jon Snow, shaking hands with the newly proclaimed Hand of the Queen, Tyrion Lannister. The pictures hint of a major alliance, one that fans have been hoping to see for a long time.

You can check the photo out below.

The pictures clearly show Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, reaching his hand out towards Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage. Tyrion was named the Hand of the Queen by Daenerys in the final episodes of Season 6. In the newly leaked photos, he can be seen surrounded by Dothraki warriors, with whom Daenerys had formed an alliance, also in Season 6. Jon Snow was named King in the North in the Season 6 finale after leading the battle against Ramsey Bolton and successfully taking back Winterfell one episode earlier. In the newly leaked photos, he can be seen accompanied by Ser Davos.

To be honest, this is something fans had long anticipated. With Jon leading the armies of the north, and Daenerys, the warriors of Essos, it only seemed natural for the two to unite in order to defeat their common enemy in King’s Landing. But the storyline could actually turn out to be a lot more complex than this, or at least is suggested by the Season 7 plot leaked earlier this week.

While the source of the leaked plot has no credibility and the so-called leak could very well turn out to be just another fan theory, readers should be wary of possible spoilers, because if it turns out to be real, it could very well ruin the entire next season for you.

First off, let’s start with the only real source of credibility for these leaks. Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Daenerys’ handmaiden in the hit TV show, has hinted that the leaked plot is, in fact, the real story line for Season 7 by condemning the leak.

“It’s really disappointing there are people who are determined to ruin Season 7 for everyone…???? #spoilsports,” she wrote in a tweet following the leak.

She quickly followed that up with a second tweet, stating, “I’m simply saying I don’t see why we can’t focus on making a great season for the fans in peace… it’s a shame. #notangryjustdisappointed.”

The alleged plot was reportedly leaked by a Reddit user who has since mysteriously deleted his Reddit account. Another Reddit user, maureencreates, has since re-posted the leaked plot for Season 7, organized in a chronological order, along with leaked supporting photos and other info on Season 7. Once again, open the link at your own risk!

Major giveaways from the leaked plot include Bran crossing the wall, Arya arriving in Winterfell, Jon meeting Daenerys, Jon telling Daenerys that he is willing to renounce his title as King in the North if she helps him defeat the white walkers, and Cersei being pregnant again with Jamie’s child.

As interesting as the “leaked plot” sounds, this writer certainly hopes that they turn out to be nothing but false rumors. If they do turn out to be true, well, there goes our hope of enjoying Season 7!

[Feature Image by HBO]