This I Swear: Nick Lachey To Release Album Of Baby Lullabies

If you ever dreamed of having Nick Lachey swoon your baby to sleep with his soothing voice, you’re about to get that chance. Lachey has announced that his next project will be an album of baby lullabies, an idea inspired by the recent birth of his son, Camden.

Nick Lachey and and wife Vanessa Minnillo welcomed little Camden John into their lives in early September, and the former 98 Degrees singer is apparently so fond of singing his little tyke to sleep, that he’s undertaking a project that will allow other parents to do the same. Of the project, Lachey told Parade:

“I’m actually working on a lullaby project that’s inspired by Camden. I’m in the studio now finishing it up so it should be out the beginning of next year. It’s some originals I’m writing and some classic ones so it’s a mixture.”

I think it’s actually kind of sweet, but I’ll leave it to you whether or not the baby lullaby album is just an ode to Lachey’s vanity. In any case, we’re certainly not as cynical as MSN who wrote “What do you do when no one wants to listen to your music anymore? Make an album targeted at those who can’t voice their objections to hearing it, maybe,” of the proposed project.

Lachey also talked a bit about being a new father, saying:

“It’s been a roller coaster, but all good. It’s been incredible to go through for the first time. It’s all kind of surreal. Every day is a new surprise or expression. It’s a lot of fun. I try to do everything with the baby. I sing to him. I shush him a lot. It’s all about spending as much as you can.”

He also talked about the best piece of advice he’s gotten about being a father:

“My brother said smell the baby a lot. That smell of your newborn baby doesn’t last very long but it’s something you’ll always remember. So I find myself sniffing his head and his neck. There is that baby smell that is so special, especially when it’s your own baby! Other than that, everybody says get a lot of sleep. The best advice is just love the heck out of your kid and shower them with love. It’s a lesson that will last the rest of their lives so it’s good to get started now.”

What do you think of Nick Lachey? Would you buy his album of baby lullabies?