Kim Kardashian Robbery Confirmed As Real, Paris Police Chief Believes Thieves Will Be Caught

Kim Kardashian’s Robbery was real, and anyone who says otherwise is getting hit with a lawsuit. One website recently offered up a retraction and apology to Kim after suggesting that the whole Paris robbery was just a publicity stunt and others have been urged to follow suit. The whole nightmare was so real that Paris police chief Christian Sainte is speaking out and says that he believes the jewelry thieves will be caught. Another Paris police veteran writer says the hotel security was so lax, the list of suspects is long and may hold up the investigation.

Previously, Media Takeout reported that the Kim Kardashian robbery was fake and that the whole thing was just a huge publicity stunt gone wrong. That didn’t sit well with Kim’s camp, who immediately filed a lawsuit against the website and its founder Fred Mwangaguhunga for libel.


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Since the fake robbery lawsuit, MTO has retracted their story and issued an apology to Kim Kardashian which is what she asked for in order to drop the filing against them, according to CNN Money. In addition to the retraction and apology, MTO deleted the stories about the robbery being faked and Kim Kardashian filing false insurance claims from their website.

To further prove that the Kim Kardashian robbery really did happen, the Paris police chief Christian Sainte recently gave an interview to Vanity Fair. In Kim’s defense, he said, “At this time, there is no doubt about the reality of the crime.”

The October 3 robbery at the No Name Hotel in Paris seems to have really taken a toll on Kim Kardashian. If she ever was faking it, her performance would be Oscar-worthy. In the wake of the robbery nightmare, Kim has kept a very low profile, something she has never done in the past.

Sainte said that the group they believe had a hand in Kim Kardashian’s robbery might have been following her on social media to know what jewelry and other valuables she had with her as well as where she would be. Pictures posted to Kim’s Instagram showed off the huge $4 million diamond ring that Kanye West had given to her as well as many other expensive pieces of jewelry. Kim posted to let her fans know when she touched down in Paris and also posted pictures of herself at each fashion show. For someone tracking her, Kim Kardashian made it too easy. Once her security guard stepped out with sisters Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, she was an easy target.

The most famous of the Kardashian family is known for flaunting her wealth and keeping an active social media presence. Ever since the Paris robbery, Kim has been hanging way back, staying home and not posting anything new on social media since the incident. It’s pretty clear that this wasn’t a publicity stunt and that Kim Kardashian is still having a very hard time dealing with what happened to her.

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It turns out that the No Name Hotel, although somewhat private, may have been the reason that Kim Kardashian was robbed. The hotel has been a popular place for celebrities to stay when in Paris because it is very home-like and private. There are no security cameras, and it was reported that the gate code hadn’t even been changed in six years.

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While the police chief says that Kim Kardashian’s robbery suspects will be caught and brought to justice, veteran Paris police writer Frédéric Ploquin paints a different picture. He believes that the lax security and failure to pay attention to detail made celebrities staying at the No Name Hotel prime burglary suspects. He also made it seem like the suspect list could be endless, making it much harder to figure out who is behind the heist.

“Dozens of potential suspects know about this place because celebrities are staying there for a long time,” says Ploquin. “They think they will be free without cameras, free to receive friends, visitors… Drivers, bodyguards, paparazzi, girl furnishers… know about this place. That makes maybe hundreds of people who know about this place. This makes the investigation very complex. You have hundreds of possible suspects…”

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