‘Cooking With Semen’ Class — Real Or Fake?

The “Cooking with Semen” class entry on the Wonderush blog is certainly getting its fair share of attention under the “Things To Do, Try Something New” categories on the website. However, is the post titled “‘Cooking With Semen’ Class Coming To London” a real or fake post designed to garner a shocking amount of social media shares?

The description of the “Cooking With Semen” class certainly has its own quips and puns about semen, even if some of them are written with Londoners in mind.

Non-Semen Lemon Teacakes [Image by Melissa d'Arabian/AP Images]

“Fancy learning how to cook a ‘Victoria Spooge Cake’, or make a boozy round of ‘Schlong Island Iced Teas’? We’re hoping to put on the first ever BYOS (Bring Your Own Semen, natch) cooking class, where attendees will learn how to create different recipes using their own (or their partner’s) semen.

“The health benefits of semen have long been debated, but for the first time ever, amateur chefs will be taught how to use it as a cooking ingredient in appetisers, mains, desserts and drinks. All we need are 30 or more of you to say you’re interested and we’ll tickle things along, so to speak.

“The class is being supported by renowned sex educator Alix Fox, who said, ‘While the idea of bringing c** into the kitchen will doubtless appall many people, some individuals find the idea of consuming such an intimate substance an incredible turn-on.'”

The website goes on to quip that the “Cooking with Semen” class might be one that many folks would find hard to swallow. The website jokes about people in the cooking class using their partner’s semen — or their own semen, for that matter — as a cooking ingredient.

“I know some people will find this hard to swallow, but the idea of cooking with semen isn’t as farfetched as one might think. Wonderush is all about giving people unique classes and experiences, and although our usual classes are somewhat tamer, this should give people a taste of our sense of humour!”

The site notes their crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, which shows that Wonderush sought an investment of £200,003 — equal to $241,898.63 U.S. dollars, at the current exchange rates. With an equity offered at 6.25 percent, the investment has already been 110 percent funded, with £220,485 — or approximately $267,172.70 in U.S. dollars — for 6.85 percent equity already funded.

The Wonderush campaign carries a valuation of around $3,635,195.47 in U.S. dollars, which brings to mind the investors on Shark Tank, who can be seen asking entrepreneurs why they are valuing their companies so highly.

Non-Semen Lemon Teacakes [Image by Melissa d'Arabian/AP Images]

With the creators of the “Cooking with Semen” campaign stating that they “conceived” the class in an attempt to showcase the unique experiences that can be had around the United Kingdom — with plans to launch their services in other cities — apparently those creators know how to use their writing skills to gain attention in a viral way online.

However, it still begs the question on whether the “Cooking with Semen” class is real or fake.

According to Snopes, the class got its inspiration from real cookbooks from semen-cooking enthusiast Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer, a guy who also writes satirically. The publication’s article, which has been shared more than 500 times on social media, notes that Paul does not appear to be linked to the “Cooking with Semen” class, which the publication refers to as a publicity stunt.

Whether that publicity stunt results in a real class — if at least 30 souls sign up for the semen-cooking class tip the bar in its favor — remains to be seen.

[Featured Image by Jens Meyer/AP Images]