‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller Signs New Contract As Jason Morgan

General Hospital fans have been holding out hope that one day Steve Burton would return as Jason Morgan. The writers and casting people decided to bring back the character and recast the role. Two years ago, Billy Miller accepted the job as Jason Morgan. He came from the popular CBS soap, The Young and the Restless. While he wasn’t widely accepted at first, it seems that he is becoming more popular among General Hospital fans.

There have been whispers about Billy Miller’s contract being up. October is a month where plenty of things happen, and storylines for November sweeps have already been put into place. Losing someone during this period could be awful for the show. According to iTech Post, Billy Miller only renews his contract one year at a time. There were rumors last year that he would be skipping out on General Hospital, but it turns out he renewed through this year. Fans have been wondering if the talk of Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason leaving Port Charles is a way to have Billy Miller exit.

It has been brought up that money seems to be an issue for General Hospital when renewing contracts. This year alone has been rough with some of the older cast members and a few newer ones too. Roger Howarth plays Franco, and there was some concern he wouldn’t resign his contract back in May. As it turned out, he reached an agreement with the show. Rebecca Herbst who plays Elizabeth was on hiatus for a few weeks while she was discussing her contract. She also ended up getting the deal she wanted, but it took a while to convince the powers that be it was worth it to keep her around. Tyler Christopher who played Nikolas Cassadine for over a decade was cut from the show after his demands could not be met. He was off for a few months due to some personal issues but had planned on returning after his role was temporarily recast.

Fans are concerned about the lack of familiar faces on General Hospital and the many new faces getting screen time. Frank Valentini is the executive producer of the show and has brought several of his favorites from One Life to Life to General Hospital. Initially, there were three transplants, Kristen Alderson (original Kiki), Roger Howarth, and Michael Easton (Silas Clay and Hamilton Finn). Bree Williamson joined the cast as Claudette, though her length of time in Port Charles has not been made clear.

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As disappointing as it may be, it looks like Steve Burton won’t be coming back to General Hospital. He will finish his run as Dylan on The Young and the Restless in December. Billy Miller will likely stick around Port Charles for at least one more year, especially since October is nearly over and he is still being written on the show. Generally, contracts aren’t discussed outside of the studio. Occasionally there will be leaks, but for the most part, everything is kept confidential to avoid mass rumors being spread like the one about Burton replacing Miller.

With everything happening on General Hospital, another big actor exit could be quite damaging. If money is truly an issue, Steve Burton joining the cast alongside Billy Miller is definitely not an option. It appears he wants to spend more time with family and his budding restaurant business. Both of these men are incredible actors, each bringing their Jason Morgan best to General Hospital at different times when it was needed. Things change in the soap world in the blink of an eye, but it appears that fans can be comforted by the fact that Miller will likely stick around one more year.

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