Tamra Judge’s Husband Eddie Denies Being Gay: Claims Vicki Gunvalson Is Really A Man

Tamra Judge couldn’t hold back her anger on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County when she learned that Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd had been talking about her behind her back. Since Judge and Vicki had been friends for years, Tamra thought that Gunvalson would be loyal to her. So she was shocked when Kelly revealed that Vicki has been talking about her marriage behind her back. Not only did the rumors include Eddie Judge being gay, but also that he had cheated on Tamra throughout their marriage.

According to a new tweet, Tamra Judge‘s husband is now revealing that he’s not gay and that he only has eyes for his wife, Judge. Eddie addressed the rumors on Twitter last night in the way of a joke, sharing a picture of himself with Andy Cohen. He revealed that his balls belonged to his wife and that Andy couldn’t get any.

“I love you And Cohen but my ball belong to Tamra #VickiIsAMan,” Eddie Judge revealed on Twitter, which sparked several comments about his sexuality, to which one person added, “Who does the other ball belong to? Hmmm…”

The interesting thing about his tweet is that he used the hashtag, “Vicki is a man.” He’s clearly not happy with the way Tamra Judge’s former friend is talking about him, his sexual preferences, and his marriage to Judge. Clearly, he’s not a fan of Vicki and he may prefer it if his wife, Tamra Judge, wasn’t friends with her considering what she’s been saying about him. This isn’t the first time that Eddie has tried to warn Tamra about her, and he even questioned Gunvalson’s honesty in regards to Brooks Ayers and the cancer scheme.


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Even though some people may have questioned Eddie’s sexuality in the past, it hasn’t been something that has plagued the media to the point where people really did think he was into guys. When Tamra Judge first met Eddie, she would brag about how they would have sex for five hours and how she would be sore. While it was too much information for Real Housewives of Orange County viewers at the time, it is clearly something that helps her case these days.

The drama unfolded on last night’s episode of the show, where Tamra Judge learned what Vicki had been saying behind her back. While Judge may have been questioning just how loyal her friend really was after the cancer scandal last year, she probably never expected that she would spread rumors about her husband being gay and possibly cheating on her.

“You’ve been feeding Kelly information about all of us,” Tamra Judge screamed at Vicki during last night’s episode, according to PEOPLE, adding, “Oh, my husband cheats on me. My husband’s gay. My husband does this. Really?”

But Gunvalson denied saying anything about Eddie’s sexuality, adding, “I never said he was gay! I never said that. I never said that about Eddie.”

Interestingly enough, Gunvalson didn’t deny hinting that Eddie may have cheated on Tamra Judge. But this was the final straw for Judge, who has revealed that she’s no longer friends with Gunvalson. A few months ago, she revealed that her former friend had stabbed her in the back one last time. This is possibly the incident that she’s referring to.

“I have been so nice to Vicki. I accepted her apology. I got everybody in this group to become friends with her again,” Judge said of her friend on last night’s episode, according to PEOPLE, adding, “This is how I get paid back. She goes around and spreads rumors about my husband?”

What do you think of Tamra Judge’s husband defending himself? Do you believe that he could be gay or do you think the rumors are outlandish and just meant to hurt him?

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