Grant Kemp, Lace Morris Separate: Has The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Split Or Are They Still Together?

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris fell in love during Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, and they got engaged during the finale. Some fans may have been a bit skeptical about the odds of this couple staying together, but they seem to be doing pretty well these days. Grant and Lace have been living together in San Francisco, California, but it looks like they are apart for the moment. What’s the scoop on “Grace”?

This Bachelor in Paradise couple decided fairly early on in their engagement that they did not want to worry about the challenges of having a long-distance relationship. Grant Kemp lives in San Francisco, while Lace Morris had been living in the Denver, Colorado area. “Grace” had been caught together in Denver ahead of the BIP season finale, but she actually moved to California to be with her fiance before much time had passed.

Grant and Lace have been in California together now since the show was airing, but she is frequently back in the Denver area, and the two were recently back in Colorado for an engagement party. In fact, Morris is back in Denver right now, without Kemp, and Bachelor in Paradise fans are anxious to know for certain that this is just a temporary separation.

Morris tweeted that she was headed to Denver for the weekend and she continued to post on social media about heading to the Broncos game and hanging out with some loved ones. Unfortunately, Kemp remained back in California for this trip, but it sounds as if this is just a quick trip back to Colorado for Lace and she will seemingly reunite with Grant quite soon.

Lace and Grant have been virtually inseparable since they were able to go public and they recently appeared together at Kemp’s high school alma mater for the homecoming festivities. Bachelor in Paradise fans will see the two on Episode 3 of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After airing Tuesday night on Freeform, as they join Higgins, Bushnell, Emily and Haley Ferguson, Chad Johnson, and Chris Soules for a camping excursion. This is a bit of a comical and oddly-constructed group to be sure, but both Morris and Kemp have been retweeting a lot of posts about the outing, and it sounds as if everybody ultimately had a blast.

What comes next for Grant and Lace? The tweet that Kemp has pinned to the top of his Twitter page notes that he’s happy and excited for the couple’s future, and he added a hashtag about “tan babies,” and these two do seem to be doing well together. However, they haven’t shared much in the way of specifics regarding what their plans are regarding wedding plans or anything of that nature.

Three couples emerged from Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise engaged and so far, all three remain together. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are living together in Nashville, Tennessee these days, while Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are living together in Irvine, California. Josh and Amanda had previously indicated that they hoped to move to Atlanta, Georgia with her girls after things settled down, but they recently shared that they are doing a bit of house hunting in California, so it looks like they are doing well and may stay out that way. None of the three pairs have shared anything specific about wedding plans, but fans are excited to see that everybody remains together so far.

Will “Grace” manage to prove their doubters wrong and end up tying the knot? Bachelor in Paradise fans think that these two are pretty cute together and are hopeful that Grant Kemp and Lace Morris could end up being the perfect, successful match. Do you think that Grant and Lace are meant to be?

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