Is Rob Kardashian The Father? Blac Chyna’s Other Man Demands DNA Test

The Kardashian love child scandal exploded even further after Blac Chyna’s other man demanded a DNA test to determine the father of her unborn baby. Was Blac Chyna lying about the paternity test she took?

The man who Blac Chyna was hooking up with behind Kardashian’s back is telling her that she needs to get a DNA test to prove whether Rob Kardashian is the father of the reality star’s daughter.

Actor and singer Pilot Jones was romantically involved with Chyna earlier in the year, and now he wants to know if this baby is his.

An insider close to Jones told Radar Online that he is telling friends he will demand a DNA test from Chyna, and this time it will not be on camera. Blac Chyna previously took a paternity test on her reality show, Rob & Chyna.

The episode of Rob & Chyna aired just weeks after Chyna’s affair with Pilot Jones was exposed.


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Blac Chyna has insisted that the baby was Rob’s since the beginning of her pregnancy.

“I know it’s Rob’s child, I’ve only been with him since we started dating.”

Earlier this week, Radar got their hands on photographic evidence that she was lying. Blac Chyna was seen in photographs kissing and cuddling up to Pilot Jones during a time when she and Rob Kardashian were on a break from one another.


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Chyna claimed the paternity test she took on Rob & Chyna was completely her idea because she wanted to shut down the rumors.

“It’s just to shut down the rumors on the internet saying it might be two other people.”

Chyna was seen on camera reading an email that said Rob was the father.

“Robert Kardashian you are the father!”

However, Kardashian didn’t seem all that convinced.

“It says 99.9%. How do we get 100% probability?”

Rob confessed later that he just wanted to know for sure that he was the father even though the paternity test was Blac Chyna’s idea.

“Knowing 100% if this baby’s mine or not, yeah it would take a lot of weight off my shoulders.”

This time around, Pilot Jones will make sure that the results are 100 percent accurate, and it will most certainly not be filmed for Rob & Chyna. Jones will be sure Kardashian manager Kris Jenner will be far away from this DNA test as well.

The source close to Jones said he is taking this very seriously and wants to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.

“This is not a joke to him. He’s taking it seriously.”

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have had a seemingly tumultuous relationship since they first got together last year.

Blac Chyna recently posted Snapchats of her and Rob at Disneyland with her son King Cairo.

The couple appeared to be getting along and Kardashian spent some quality time with Chyna’s son.

Will all of this talk about Rob Kardashian potentially not being the father split the couple up again? What does Rob Kardashian think about Blac Chyna’s fling with Pilot Jones? It is only a matter of weeks before this baby is born, and Blac Chyna will not be able to hide the paternity any longer.

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