Theresa Caputo, 'Long Island Medium' Criticized By Another Hollywood Medium For Stealing TV Psychic Idea

Theresa Caputo and Long Island Medium are being criticized by another Hollywood medium for allegedly stealing the idea for a TV psychic show. Clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry, 20, has his own reality TV show now, but says he came up with the idea long before TLC launched Long Island Medium in 2011, starring medium Theresa Caputo, 50. According to Radar Online, Tyler Henry wrote in his new book, titled Between Two Worlds: Lessons From the Other Side, that he sat down with producers when he was just 16-years-old to discuss starting a reality TV show to film private psychic readings.

But critics of Henry say that Theresa Caputo and her long-running reality TV series, Long Island Medium, had already hit the small screen at least a year before Henry had his own alleged meeting with what he called a "famous" TV producer to pitch the idea for a new show. Long Island Medium began airing on TLC in September 2011 when Tyler Henry was still only 15. Henry, however, still claims there was "nothing like it" on air when he thought of the idea for a TV psychic show.

Long Island Medium follows Theresa Caputo as she balances her family life in New York with two kids, Larry Caputo Jr., 26, and Victoria Caputo, 22, along with her husband, Larry Caputo, 60, with her "ability to communicate with the dead," as described by IMDb. Victoria Caputo was still in high school and Larry Caputo Jr. was a senior in college when Long Island Medium made its debut on TLC in late 2011, with the first episode, titled "No Turning Off," which garnered over a million viewers. Five years later, both kids are grown and out of the house, but Theresa Caputo is still communicating with the deceased on TLC, with the most recent season of Long Island Medium, Season 8, wrapping up in March.

According to Premiere Date in April, Long Island Medium has been officially renewed by TLC for Season 9 -- release date pending. Theresa Caputo will continue to talk to the "spirits of the deceased," as she conducts private and group readings across the country. Season 8 of Long Island Medium reached a TV audience of 2.6 million viewers, mainly because one episode focused only on celebrity readings. That episode, called "Celebrity Spirit," was the highest-rated season premiere episode of Long Island Medium out of the previous four season premiere episodes, as Theresa Caputo gave private readings to Susan Lucci and Jim Parsons.

Prior to the celebrity readings in Season 8, Theresa Caputo and Long Island Medium had been famous for giving psychic readings to unknown individuals close to her hometown of Hicksville, New York, on Long Island, until she branched out in Season 3, and began going on tour around the country. But Tyler Henry, who now appears in his own reality TV series, titled Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry on the E! television network, built his psychic medium career around celebrity clientele, and began filming for his TV series when he was 19. IMDb describes Tyler Henry as the "Hollywood Medium," who "meets with celebrities and shares messages from their departed loved ones."

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry didn't even debut on E! until January 24 of this year -- a full three weeks after Theresa Caputo read celebrities on Long Island Medium. But Henry is still claiming that Caputo stole his idea for a reality TV psychic show, saying in his new memoir, that's due to release on November 1, that he sat around a table with a famous producer when he was 16 to discuss ideas on how to grow his business, including pitching the idea for a "possible TV show." That alleged meeting would have had to have been in 2012, the year following the TLC premiere of Long Island Medium, featuring Theresa Caputo.
"It might sound obvious now, but at the time, there was nothing like it on-air, and there hadn't been in many years."
Radar Online refutes Tyler Henry's claim that he had the idea of a TV psychic show first, saying in a new article that Theresa Caputo has been "connecting with the dead on TV since late 2011." But both Long Island Medium and Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry have a loyal TV following. In fact, Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry has also been renewed for another new season, set to premiere in 2017, according to Premiere Date on October 18. However, critics of TV psychics continue to say that Tyler Henry and Theresa Caputo are fake, calling them "grief vampires" and "deceptive." TV news programs and publications, including Inside Edition and the Huffington Post, have challenged claims that Henry and Caputo can talk to the dead, saying they acquire knowledge about the deceased prior to a reading.
As previously reported by Inside Edition, the Long Island medium, Theresa Caputo, sent them a statement saying that she respects and understands skeptics.
"I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone, that's not why I do what I do. I feel, and have been told by my clients, that my gift has really helped them, and that's all that matters to me."
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