AirPods And New iMac To Release At Apple Event This Week

Jovi Figueroa

The long wait is almost over. Make way for the AirPods, a new iMac, and possibly more surprises at the Hello Again Apple press event this week.

Every year, one of the biggest press event the whole Apple-loving community looks forward to is the Hello Again event, where Apple reveals tons of exciting new plans for their products. Although these yearly events don't get as much attention as the iPhone release events nowadays, a lot of tech geeks look forward to what kind of crazy tech animal Apple is introducing for the year.

The Apple event happening later this week is already getting teased by various sources, and one of the most anticipated (and hated, at the same time) Apple product to get its sale date at the event is the Apple AirPods.

When the Apple iPhone 7 released this year, as much as everyone rejoiced for the waterproof feature (a long-overdue feature, to be honest), the announcement that the iPhone 7 just lost its headphone jack aggravated a lot of Apple fanatics. Apple thought that with the AirPods, Apple's new wireless earphones, everyone will be forced to accept the wireless future.

But despite the negative feedback that the AirPods suffered, its release is still a much-awaited announcement for those who have made the upgrade to the iPhone 7. In fact, the demand for the AirPods has skyrocketed higher than expected. Since people who made the iPhone 7 upgrade don't actually have a choice, the AirPods, despite its hefty price, would have to sell.

Apple has yet to release an actual sale date for the AirPods when they announced it alongside the Apple iPhone 7, but the Daily Star reports that Apple promised a late October launch.

This means that with the Apple event happening later this week, the AirPods are surely going to get their sale date. BGR believes that the AirPods are going on sale the day after the Apple event, on October 28. With October almost gone, it's about time for Apple to follow through with their release date promise for the AirPods.

Moving on to the bigger and badder Apple tech stuff, Cult of Mac reports that Apple may also bring in a new iMac during the press event. Typically, Apple introduces a new iMac right about the same time they introduce a new macOS. And the newest macOS update 10.12, called macOS Sierra, rolled out on September 20.

The new features of the macOS Sierra are sure to complement this new iMac. Users can enjoy the full extent of the new features that came with MacOS Sierra, including the Apple Watch auto unlock, Universal Clipboard, Siri for Mac, and Apple Pay. With the updated Skylake processors and DDR4 RAM, this upcoming iMac is sure to outshine its predecessor.

The Mac Pro hasn't seen an update in three years, with Apple concentrating all their efforts into creating a snappier iPhone, so it's high time Apple comes out with this long-overdue iMac.

If you're wanting something a bit more massive and powerful, then hold on to your seats, as rumors are going around that an updated Thunderbolt Display could make its way into the press event. On June 23, Mac Rumors reported that Apple finally discontinued production of the Thunderbolt Display, saying there are a myriad of third-party options available for Mac users. However, BGR believes they did so to prepare the market for an updated version of the Thunderbolt Display, which has been rumored to be in development for quite some time now. This new updated Thunderbolt Display is said to feature 5K resolution.

Since the new display uses an integrated GPU that would likely require Thunderbolt 3 integration, it is possible that a new Thunderbolt Display launch will happen alongside the new Macs bearing Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Expect these exciting new Apple products and more at the Hello Again Apple event on October 27.

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