‘Grimm’ Season 7 Canceled, Not Moving To Netflix?

When NBC moved Grimm to the Friday night graveyard slot, fans instantly feared that it was a sign of the end. Sure enough, the network announced that Season 6 of the show would be the end. That hasn’t stopped fans from hoping that there is a light in all this.

NBC announced the decision that Grimm Season 6 would be the last on August 29, according to Mobile & Apps. Season 6 will premiere on January 6, 2017, with just 13 episodes to tie up the story. There will be the big battle that fans have been waiting for from the very beginning.

Fans instantly took to online petitioning sites to make it clear that there was still a call for the show. They either want NBC to reconsider the show for another year or for Netflix to pick it up after cancellation. So far, there has been response from either parties, and it looks like there is no future for the supernatural show.

There are currently two petitions going to save Grimm from cancellation. One needs less than 500 signatures to reach the 14,000 total, while the other needs less than 500 signatures to reach its 10,000 total. Both are doing the rounds on social media to make all Grimm fans aware that there is a risk that nobody will listen if they don’t sign.

On the Change.org petition, the starter of the petition explains that the Friday night move is common for shows that have low ratings. It is very difficult for shows to return after a year in the Friday night slot, although some shows have managed it.

At one point Supernatural had the Friday night slot on the CW, but it continued and is now on its 12th season on Thursday nights. The Vampire Diaries was moved to the Friday night slot for half of last season but was picked up for another year. The showrunners made the decision to bring the show to an end, rather than the network. Bones has also survived the Friday night slot, although is now coming to an end after over a decade on the screens.

The petition is using the hashtags #AGrimmFarewall and #SaveGrimm for fans to find news and updates about it. Fans also use this to share updates about the final season of the fairytale program.

While the Change.org petition wants Netflix to pick up the program, the Care2 Petitions site wants NBC to reconsider a Grimm Season 7. One of the arguments put across is the filming location in Oregon, where the show receives tax incentives. There have also been numerous jobs created because of the production, so people will find themselves out of work. There is hope that these people will find jobs knowing that their contracts are coming to an end, but there are no guarantees.

This isn’t the first time fans have called for a streaming service or cable network to pick up a canceled show. When ABC announced that Nashville Season 4 was the last, fans petitioned for another network to pick up Season 5. They won that petition, as C.M.T. picked up the show and is currently working on the next season storylines and production.

There are also currently theories that The Originals will be canceled this year by the CW. Fans have already started to wonder if Netflix could air The Originals Season 5, as the Inquisitr has previously reported.

What do you think, Grimm fans? Should Season 6 be the last or will you be one of the tens of thousands signing petitions to get a Grimm Season 7 somewhere, whether on NBC or on Netflix? There is still time to make your wishes known.

[Featured Image by NBC]