‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Who Will Play The Ghosts Now?

American Horror Story fans now finally know the big Season 6 twist. After filming My Roanoke Nightmare, the real victims and the actors portraying them on the documentary style series, all went back to the house to film a reality TV series together titled Return To Ronaoke. Now, fans are wondering who will play the “real” ghosts in the house.

According to TV Guide, American Horror Story fans have a lot of options. There are so many great actors and actresses that could play the “real” versions of the ghosts who are terrorizing the land at the Roanoke house and killing everyone. While Kathy Bates made a fabulous Butcher on My Roanoke Nightmare, her actual character is a mentally unstable actress named Agnes. This means that someone else will likely be taking over the role of The Butcher in the second half of the season. While Jessica Lange would be the fans’ top choice, Mare Winningham, who portrayed Mr. March’s devoted maid in Season 5’s Hotel would be a great choice.

Will Matt Bomer return to American Horror Story for Season 6?
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Priscilla, the little girl who tried to help Lee’s daughter, Flora, may get a new actress as well. In American Horror Storys sixth episode it seemed that Sidney’s assistant, Diana, saw Priscilla before being attacked by the Pig Man. If that was Priscilla then she’s much older than My Roanoke Nightmare made her out to be. That’s why actress Taissa Farmiga could be perfect for the role. Ryan Murphy has already confirmed that Farmiga would be returning to the show for the first time since Season 3’s Coven, and it looks like she could be portraying the friendly ghost girl.

Edward Phillippe Mott was originally played by Evan Peters’ character. However, after the sixth episode twist, fans found out that Evan Peters’ character was really an actor named Rory. Rory sadly died at the end of the sixth episode and may return as a ghost himself. However, Edward Phillippe Mott would be a great role for Matt Bomer, who appeared in both Freak Show and Hotel.

Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy has already promised American Horror Story fans that Finn Wittrock would be back on the show playing the craziest TV character ever, and that could mean that he’ll be the deadly Pig Man that fans have been seeing throughout Season 6.

Will Jessica Lange return to American Horror Story for Season 6?
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However, American Horror Story viewers are really interested in whether or not they’ll see Lady Gaga’s character, Scathach again. Although Gaga may not be playing the witchy character, it has been confirmed that she’s a huge part of the series. The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, recently confirmed to fans that Scathach is the first supreme witch, which ties the character back to Coven. Perhaps Jessica Lange would be willing to return to the franchise to make an appearance as Scathach. It only seems fitting after her amazing work in Coven.

With only four episodes left in Season 6, American Horror Story is about to get crazy. As fans know, everyone now residing in the Roanoke house will die, expect for one person. While nobody knows who that person is yet, it does seem like it could be one of the original victims, Shelby, Matt, or Lee. Some viewers have been wondering if Scathach, The Butcher, or another one of the ghosts possessed one of them and is now getting their final revenge, or if the ghosts are just as blood thirsty as ever and looking for victims to join their colony.

Who would you like to see play the “real” versions of the ghosts in the remaining episodes of American Horror Story Season 6: Roanoke?

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