Meghan King Edmonds Leaving ‘RHOC’? ‘Real Housewives’ Star Could Be Done With The Show

Meghan King Edmonds has wrapped up her second season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she’s preparing to become a mother for the first time. Meghan’s due date is next month, and she’s just a few weeks away from becoming a mother. King Edmonds has revealed that she’s super excited to become a mother and she’s been sharing her IVF and nursery journey on social media. But now that she’s about to become a mother, King Edmonds may be thinking about how it will be to share her daughter with the world.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds could be leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County. Apparently, King Edmonds recently did an interview where she announced that she was leaving the show, but when asked about it on social media, Meghan was questioning what she had announced. Maybe she’s not leaving the show after all.

“Meghan, RHOC will not be the same without you. You brought such positivity on the show and made such a lasting impact. God Bless,” one person wrote directly to Meghan King Edmonds, while another person asked, “Is this Meghan’s last season??”

“Yes. She announced it last week,” a third Twitter follower pointed out, which cause the attention of King Edmonds, who replied with, “what did I announce?”

Meghan didn’t read the thread, which did reveal that she had supposedly said she was leaving the show. Or maybe King Edmonds doesn’t want to give a clear answer these days as she may not be sure about what she’s going to do. Meghan and the other ladies haven’t completely wrapped up the season, as the season finale airs next week, followed by several reunion specials. Then, the women usually get a few weeks off before new contracts are presented. Maybe Meghan King Edmonds is thinking over her options before signing the contract. Or maybe she just wants to film after her baby girl arrives, as she wants to keep the birth and her recovery private.


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Regardless of her decision, it sounds like the lack of tweets from Meghan King Edmonds and the article stating that she’s leaving the show are causing confusion. Is she staying or is she going? If she’s leaving, it would be sad, because many people are now starting to like her, as they can relate to her. King Edmonds managed to stay out of the drama this season.

“I apologize if it’s incorrect. I’m only going by what was reported by them. All About The Tea ran a story last week saying they interviewed you about your exit,” one person pointed out to Meghan King Edmonds, writing that the website had quoted her as saying she was leaving, but King Edmonds let the comment hang, and she never confirmed that she was leaving the show behind.

It is possible that Meghan King Edmonds and her husband Jimmy are relocating to St. Louis now that her baby girl will be born, which would change how much she could film The Real Housewives of Orange County. Maybe King Edmonds wants to be closer to her family now that a baby girl will join the family. But one can imagine that Meghan will keep her home in Orange County, and they will be back and forth to visit friends and family.

What do you think about Meghan King Edmonds’ lack of response? Do you think she’s leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County behind? Do you think she should stay on the show, as fans are excited about her these days?

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