‘The Voice:’ Blake Shelton Threatened To Quit Unless Gwen Stefani Replaced Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus is preparing to sit out Season 12 of The Voice as Gwen Stefani returns to her infamous red spinning chair, but was Blake Shelton behind the decision to bring Gwen back in Miley’s place?

According to reports, before it was confirmed that Cyrus will be sitting out Season 12 of The Voice to make way for Stefani’s return, Blake allegedly made it pretty clear to the NBC show’s producers that he wants Gwen by his side when the next season of the singing show kicks off in 2017.

“Blake made it clear to the producers that he wanted Gwen by his side for the upcoming season,” a source told Radar Online of Shelton, claiming that Blake appeared to hint that, despite being the only veteran coach to appear on all 12 seasons alongside Adam Levine, he could potentially be ready to quit the series unless Stefani returned.

“It almost seemed like if she did not return then neither would he,” the source alleged of Blake’s wishes to bring back Stefani.


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“They offered Miley the gig for Season 13 because they know it would keep her happy,” continued The Voice insider of Cyrus’s upcoming season long departure to make way for Stefani, “and that she would not create any drama over being replaced by Gwen.”

Though the source didn’t reveal if Shelton also made it clear that he specifically wanted to see Gwen replace Miley, the site’s insider did go on to allege that bringing Stefani back to the show after her successful stint as a coach for Season 9 in 2015 “was kind of a no-brainer for producers” after Cyrus allegedly didn’t get people talking.

“Miley did bring in a younger audience but she did not generate the kind of buzz that Gwen did by being on the show with Blake,” a source revealed, referring to the media circus that surrounded seeing Shelton and Stefani getting cozy on The Voice after the couple revealed that they were dating in October 2015.

The insider also went on to claim that “Miley did not get along with the cast and the crew” on the show, something that has long been rumored ever since Cyrus first joined the series earlier this year.

While the feud rumors have never officially been confirmed, Miley has been plagued by reports of drama with her fellow coaches, particularly Adam Levine.

Us Weekly alluded to a feud and alleged earlier this year that Miley and Adam “totally butted heads” while filming Season 11’s blind auditions and supposedly “find each other annoying” on The Voice set, something Cyrus and Levine haven’t exactly hidden during the show’s broadcast on NBC.

“[Adam and Miley] both have short attention spans,” continued the insider of the alleged feud between the two, adding that Adam “would get agitated when Miley would interrupt him” while Miley actually “enjoyed getting under his skin.”

Though neither Miley Cyrus nor Adam Levine have officially confirmed the feud reports, Blake Shelton did speak out about on-set drama and a potential Miley feud earlier this year, where he actually referred to Cyrus as being an “a**hole” on the set.

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According Entertainment Tonight, Shelton made the admission during an appearance on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show, Chelsea, where he joked that he had plans to call Cyrus’s dad Billy Ray Cyrus to tell him about Miley’s The Voice behavior.

“I’ve known her dad for years,” Shelton said of Miley, joking that he threatened Cyrus by telling her,”‘I’m gonna call your dad! I will tell your dad what an a**hole you’re being right now, so you better settle down, missy!'”

But while Shelton appeared to allude to Cyrus being a little rowdy on The Voice set, just months before it was revealed that Gwen would be taking Miley’s place for Season 12, Blake denied a feud between himself and the popstar.

“I can’t imagine us ever having a problem,” Shelton said of Miley as the feud rumors swirled between Cyrus and Levine. “We completely understand each other, and just because she lives her life one way and I live my life one way doesn’t mean we’re not friends,” added Shelton.

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But while Blake denied the feud rumors in public, Radar Online claimed shortly after that Shelton and Stefani had allegedly both been in talks with The Voice producers to renew their contracts since August.

The Voice executives already know that Gwen and Blake together is ratings gold because they saw it last season,” a source revealed to the site of the alleged negotiations, claiming that both Shelton and Stefani were “livid” when it was announced that Cyrus would be joining the coaching panel for Season 11.

“Right now Blake, Gwen and the bosses are in a back and forth bidding war over their contracts,” the Blake insider continued earlier this year before it was announced that Stefani would be taking over Cyrus’s chair, though whether or not she will be joining Cyrus on The Voice Season 13 is still yet to be announced.

Do you think Blake Shelton could have been behind the decision to get Gwen Stefani back on The Voice in the place of Miley Cyrus?

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