Amber Portwood Releases Video: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Says ‘They Are Going To Look Like Liars’

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood started trending in the media this week, as the girls from the original Teen Mom series filmed the reunion special this past weekend. While the reunion specials never really get any attention until they air on MTV, it sounds like this year was a bit different. Some of the women on the show are not getting along, and Amber was surprised to get attacked by Farrah Abraham. During the reunion, things got heated, and while Amber confirmed that an altercation happened during the reunion, she decided to share a video on Twitter late last night and revealed that fans will soon see what happened.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is now revealing that people will look like liars. The video does seem to start in the middle of a sentence, but it sounds like she’s referring to Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend, Simon Saran. During the reunion, Farrah supposedly talked to Dr. Drew about her co-stars, and she downright called Portwood’s man a pedophile. Now, Portwood is speaking out about the situation, saying that it’s simply not true.

“It’s just not true. And I think it will be kind of sad when the video comes out and you know, they kind of look like liars. They are going to look like nothing but liars. So, you know, which makes me kind of excited – about the video coming out at the reunion show,” Amber Portwood revealed in her Twitter video, sharing that fans will see it all unfold on the Teen Mom reunion show.

The majority of the video is about Amber’s surgery, as she recently went under the knife to get various procedures done. In the video, Portwood shares that she got her breasts lifted, and she’s still recovering from the surgery. She also said that she got other work done but stated that nothing was done to her face. Rather than go into detail about what happened at the Teen Mom reunion special, Amber Portwood starts talking about her life, her health, the surgery and her fans.


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“Thank you for all of the love and support you’ve been giving me,” Amber Portwood continued in the video, thanking everyone for the continuous support.

She added that she’s thankful for the fans she does have even though she knows that the other Teen Mom stars have more followers.

In the end of the video, Portwood goes back to the reunion fight, sharing that she doesn’t want people to believe everything that they read on the internet. There have been plenty of stories about what happened during the reunion, but Amber is convinced that fans will understand her side of the story once they see the show.

“Just don’t believe everything you hear and you know, I’m still a changed woman. Of course, I’m going to stick up for my man and I’m going to stick up for myself, and that doesn’t mean being physical. I’m a woman,” Amber Portwood explained, sharing that her actions reflect her decision to defend her man when he was called a pedophile.

Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout haven’t said anything about the fight between Amber and Farrah, but they have been vocal about their dislike for Abraham. Maybe they are siding with Portwood.

What do you think of Amber Portwood’s video about the reunion special? Do you think she’s talking about Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend, who may have told a lie to make Portwood look worse than she actually is?

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