June 18, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nina Stands By Valentin, Jason Disrupts CarSon Trip, Deadly Mob Boss In Town?

General Hospital spoilers tease a week of tension and reunion. Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) are still planning to push through with the divorce, but they are not averse to taking an out of town trip together. Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) will face more threats, and Nina (Michelle Stafford) will make good on a promise.

CarSon's Amicable Divorce

With his new understanding with Carly, Sonny is in a chirpy mood, but there are exceptions. Spoilers for Monday's episode of General Hospital reveal Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) will visit Sonny. The doctor wants to know if the mob boss has plans to have Ava killed. Back in the hospital, the sight of her face will scare Ava. Now that her crimes have been exposed, she knows Sonny is not going to let her off the hook so easily.

Sonny will have high hopes after the kiss he shared with Carly. Sonny wants Carly to remain his wife, but Carly has doubts about it. On a brighter note, Carly will give Sonny's assets back. From the looks of it, their divorce will be amicable. Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) confronted her mother about making bad decisions and this weighed heavily on Carly's mind. Despite what her daughter thinks, Carly will still be drawn to the mob boss' charms. In fact, CarSon will sneak behind Josslyn's back like teenagers. General Hospital spoilers reveal the couple is going to jet off to a private island for uninterrupted romance.

Nina's Promise

General Hospital spoilers for the upcoming week reveal Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is going to be in a difficult situation. Fortunately, Nina is going to bail her out. Spoilers suggest Nelle's current troubles will have something to do with her employment. Now that Charlotte is no longer in Nina's custody, Nelle is unemployed. Despite how things turned out, Nina will help out Nelle.

Nelle's well-being will not be the only thing in Nina's mind. General Hospital spoilers reveal she is also going to receive a mysterious phone call. The new information Nina receives will push her to make underhanded moves. It's still unclear what the call is about, but there are speculations that it will involve Valentin.

Mob Wars

Amidst all the happenings in Port Charles, spoilers reveal a mob boss is going to visit town. General Hospital spoilers hint Julian is going to receive word from his network that Sonny's former foe is going to haunt him. Sonny will not be the only one in danger. Spoilers reveal that Jason is also going to be a target even if he already retired. There are no clues as to who the new mob boss will be, and why that person suddenly thought about targeting the Corinthos cartel.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday of next week reveal Jason is going to disrupt a romantic moment between Sonny and Carly. Jason seems to have rushed off to the private island to warn Sonny. With Sonny and Carly unaware of the danger, it seems like Jason is going to play a crucial role in saving their lives. There is no mention of what the warning is about, and if it involves news of the mob boss who plans to threaten Sonny's position in Port Charles.

Other GH Spoilers

Spoilers for next week's episode of General Hospital hint Josslyn is going to unleash her rebellious nature. Nathan is finally going to draw the line, this could involve the favor he is going to grant Nurse Amy. Meanwhile, Naxie shippers will be thrilled to know Maxie Jones will be back in Port Charles soon. Kirsten Storms is back filming on set. General Hospital spoilers make no mention of what the reunion between Nathan and Maxie will be like but it will be exciting to see Naxie together again.
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