NYPD Caught On Tape Allegedly Beating A Man Inside A Jewish Center [Video]

Brooklyn, NY – Police Officers were caught on tape allegedly beating an unarmed man inside the Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults (ALIYA center) in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. The Jewish center is both a synagogue and troubled youth outreach center. The presumed victim, Ehud Halevi, had been staying at the ALIYA center for approximately a month without any issues.

The incident began after volunteer security guard, Zlamy Trappler, was reportedly surprised to find a shirtless man sleeping in the Brooklyn Jewish center. The guard believed Ehud Halevi may have been drunk, but it was later confirmed that the man had permission to be inside the ALIYA facility, according to the New York Daily News. Trappler called the NYPD after discovering the man. Two officers, one female and one male, arrived to find Halevi still sleeping on a couch, according to the surveillance video.

The NYPD officers awakened Halevi, who then seemed to have an intense verbal exchange with the security guard and the law enforcement officers. After the ALIYA center guard leaves, the incident intensifies, Halevi pushes the male officer away from him when he sees handcuffs coming out, CrownHeights.Info notes.

The surveillance video shows the physical altercation inside the New York Jewish center turning more violent, as the male officer reportedly charges Ehud Halevi, and the female appears to use pepper spray and a truncheon on the victim.

Two minutes into the ALIYA surveillance video, eight more NYPD officers arrive, and Halevi is ultimately handcuffed. The security guard later stated his regret for making the call to the police station, noting the situation spun out of control. Ehud was charged with trespassing , resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, and harassment.